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Masturbation causes pressure on my eyes

Why does masturbation cause my eyes to feel pressure and hurt? I can also tell that I look different when this happens as I notice the look of "underslept eyes" yet this hasn't been the case. I get plenty of rest.  I am also positive that I am not the only who experiences this however this doesn't happen to many people who masturbate. I've often been told that this is in my mind only or if I feel guilty that I masturbate. Wrong answers.

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Hi Wang, Just how many times a day are you masturbating?
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   Yes, it is possible to feel the pressure during masturbation in sensitive organs like eyes, as sexual excitement increases the blood pressure, have a look at the following article:
However, the same effects would be felt whether it is masturbation or partner based sex.

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Hi NO HARD, I masturbate 2-3 times ONE WEEK out of a MONTH
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The pressure to my eyes doesn't occur as I masturbate or feel pleasure, this happens 3-4 days later, not to mention fatigue...the darkness under my eyes has a lasting time of around 2 weeks and then clears up.
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Hi Wang If you sat you only masturbate 2/3 times a month, and your problem only accures 3/4 days later, I cant think how these are related, I could see a problem if you was masturbating 3/4 times in one day then get the problem, as then there may be some relation, bau to masturbate one day and 3/4 days later you get the eye problem, they dont add up?
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This has been going on for years. This is why I stay further away from masturbation. I have been reading about this subject for years, studying details and for a long time kept records. I have also heard of the "old wives" tales. There is more to it than what people either don't want to know or hear. I hope science can explain.
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Hi Wang, if you have not found this have a read up and googlr it, Coital cephalalgia.
Good Luck
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   No, Coital cephalalgia does not fit the description
MASTURBATION is pleasurable before, during and immediately afterwards...and even brings initial stress-relief however by 2 days after, my nerves feel a little shaky, jittery. By 4 days my eyes look like crap, SOMETIMES my body feels temporarily flu-like with sneezing and weakness. Shortness of breath is common and makes me feel like a WRECK. Complete recovery of the darkness in my eyes takes about 2 weeks, nerves calm down after eating a meal and gradually come to complete calm in about 6 days or so. Sometimes I wonder if these symptoms give others around me the creeps particularly because of the dark-eyes and jitters. My Mother has on several occasions thought I was high. Many years later I finaly explained.
Normal sex, one-on-one sex does not leave me feeling like this.  
Weightlifting, moderate running etc. seem to speed recovery and to maintain  a certain finesse however symptoms mentioned have sharper periods with shorter duration. I hope that many individuals will read this and START talking.
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Hi, Wang, Well you have the answer, give up masturbating and find yourself a woman, taken it your straight, then you can have sex as much as you like and get no eye problems, do you get the same thing if your are given oral, just a question, if thats a no, then you know what to do.
Good Luck
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I'm not BIG on recieving oral and if I do, it will be for a few minutes and then stop as I prefer to explode inside the woman. I have been researching for many years why masturbation has negative after-effects on me and others who have written in at http://www.jackinworld.com/welcome-jackinworld.
  There are many who have commented that this problem is inside my head and to those who have said similiar things regarding this problem. The main issue are the EYES, the darkness under them and discomfort and pressure, even nausea.
  NOHARD, Of course doing anything to excess will drain a person of their powers. I don't plan on jerking myself off to heaven or having more sex than is perhaps reasonable with a woman to compensate for wonders.
Thanks, your honest respect and help is greatly appreciated-WangFeather
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Hi Wang your can have sex 3 times a day, you would be OK but to masturbate, give big troubles, its down to what our bodys release when having sex to just masturbating, when you read up about that then you will find your answer.
Good Luck
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No Hard, I am not clear on what you are saying. Please explain carefully and distinct.
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Hi Wang its like this when we have sex and its good our bodys release, differant chemicals to when we masturbate, ones that will help you to relax and be happy, you wont get the same relaxation from just masturbating, now multiply that by 3 a day, your body will just love the sex but with masturbating, after time will bring on lots of problems, eyes, hair, skin, weight, memory and lots more.
Is that better for you.
Good luck
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NOHARD, thank you for your help however this doesn't explain clearly what is going on in reference to details so we can clearly make better of the problem besides having real sex. Many men have to bear time until we find the proper mate. As our conscience works on us, we perhaps will find that using women for sexual reasons besides contributing to a real mate can be a waste of time.
In other words, just because we appear to feel ready for a long term/ permanent relationship doesn't mean we're necessarily entitled to it until we can actually find it, and by reasoning. The answer is scientific as to why some persons can masturbate without apparent after-effects and some cannot. This isn't a deep matter. The issue is why can some masturbate without ill effects and others can't? What can we do to solve this?
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Hi Wang Your just doing it two to three times a week you should be ok.
With these problems your getting, are you sure its not two or three times a day or more even?
But you have the answer, you need real sex, so its about time you found you mate, get out there Wang, go find you soul mate, then all your troubles will be gone, you will have the normal life you seek, its your only way out of your problem, see this is what happens when you have sex with a women, our bodys work differently.
Good Luck
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  My reply: I will masturbate twice up to 3 x in a day for the week and stop for 3-6 weeks or longer (I've mentioned this before). This is because if I continue to masturbate past the one day, I hold the after-effect symptoms longer and they further in depth to nausea, loss of appetite etc.
   As life teaches us eventually, finding sex elsewhere OR in a relationship doesn't hold all the answers and sometimes becomes a whole 'nother mess.
Yes, it would help to have a partner and I want that because it would help in the picture of "masturbation", I have long understood that.
NOHARD, I would like to achieve the answer to THIS matter. If I can solve this, we may find answers that will lead us to solve other problems relative to this one.    
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Hi Wang, I have exactly the same problem and in my case it usually starts the next day: red eyes, black spots under the eyes; headaches, nerves. It lasts for 3-4 days (high phase) and for another couple of days. Usually during the day time it is better but in the evening it becomes worse. I also check that it has nothing in come with lack of vitomins or sleep. It really does not matter if I masturbated one time or three. In the end the result is the same.
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Also it is true that after sex there are no such symptoms. I had already more than 20 different relations with girls. I remember times when I made 8-9 times in 24 hours with the girl. And after it my eyes were are perfect!

If I masturbate one-two times all symptoms are returned.

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I also experience an agitation of nerves. My symptoms come to peak about 4 days after I masturbate. Complete recovery comes at about 2-1/2 weeks.
  There has been only one answer that I have found comes close to helping me recover much faster from the "after-effects" of masturbating. It's called "fasting". This means abstaining from food and drinking only liquids, preferably water for 24-36 hours and rest. Mention anything else. Glad to help.
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Hi Sauce, I think your find in you do some reading up, that there is a big differance between masturbating and real sex to how our bodys react to them, masturbating can put big strains on our bodys, this is guys who over masturbate get some real big probolem, by over masturbating I mean 2 to 3 times a day every day or more, they get eye floaters, skin problems, weight problems, memory problems, hair problems and a few more, so did you or have you been down that way of over masturbating.
Please come back
Hey nohard I hope you still are active on your account and that you see this because I also have these symptoms hair loss memory loss and pressure on eyes and I am 100% sure it has to do with masturbation so I was wondering if you can tell me why is this? Why does it affect our eyes and can the side effects be reversed/fixed
I think I'd talk to your doctor about this.  In all honesty, can think in any way hair loss (on your skull/head?) would be related to masturbation. Are you stressed?  Thyroid okay? Your thyroid can affect your eyes too.  Look into Graves disease for yourself.  I would doubt sincerely that your symptoms are masturbation related.  Blood work would look into your thyroid and give you this answer. With regards to reported eye pressure, vasodilation after ejaculation will increase intraocular eye pressure.  Common and usually harmless
Agree with above and I'm 100% sure it doesn't have anything to do with masturbation.  That voice telling you that is your guilty voice, not your voice of reason.  
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