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Hi, My boyfriend is 25 and he's recently started to bleed after taking a dump. It's not spots here and there... it's a lot of blood after he wipes. He has a colonoscopy next month, but he's scared he might have cancer. Has anyone else had this problem? Inbox me or comment please. I'd like to ease his mind if I can.
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Dont worrry at all it is just sort of piles i was also suffering and had all the tests then given medicines for 7 days and now even after months i am all right. You must take care of your food that must be spice less. Always avoid constipation. Must contact your doc without any hesitation
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It's so hard to get him to eat food that isn't spicy and he doesn't drink any water. I really hope it's not cancer. Thanks
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Hi Muffin, Why think cancer, but he needs to be drinking as much as a itre a day or more, not cokes or any sugary drinks as these are just as bad as spicy food, in fact a good chilli would do him the world of good, could be just good old piles, see some grow out and some grow inwards, so each time he goes they ahve to scrape by the and hay presto bleeding, but if he drank more they would be softer, and that would help.
Good Luck
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I'm trying real hard to get him to stop, but it goes in one ear and out the other. He's been drinking more water now that I buy the little sugar free tea packs. He still drinks his soda though and spicy stuff, but like a kid I tell him no and take it away lol. Next week is his appointment, so he has no choice but to eat jello and liquids. I hope he makes it through work. Thanks so much Nohard.
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You must take care of your food that must be spice less. Always avoid constipation. Must contact your doc without any hesitation.
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Well, he found out it was just little bumps (hemorrhoids), Every time bowel passed it would rub against it and cause it to bleed. Thanks guys. I don't know why he thought it was cancer.
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