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Mild itching in my penis

34 y/o

I have a mild itching on my penis, it appears around the tip of the head where urine comes out,the area around it has these white powdery substance that smells a bit. I have no problem with urinating, no burning nor pain. The itching causes erection, although sometimes I feel I get erections in the morning that causes the itch around the penis and in the tip of the head.

Cleaning the white stuff feels difficult, I use cotton wool as it feels sensitive to touch. I tried anti fungal cream over the counter, it helps a bit.

When going for a walk, doing physicsl things, that seems to help, tried antihestamine, doesn't havevany effect.

There was a lump in my penis before (had it for 2 years) which turned out to be a lot of that yellow white plague/powdery substance. A few months ago I pulled my foreskin back was very tight, but seems better now than before.

I am on an NHS waiting list here in the UK since August last year for the lump that is no longer there, and have an appointment this coming July.

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That looks like smegma.

Besides cotton wool, what do you use to clean with? Use a gentle, non-soap cleanser daily, and retract your foreskin and clean and gently pat it dry.



Keep your appt, and don't use any medication until you get officially diagnosed, but definitely start washing it daily. Stop using cotton wool, too, as that's probably just irritating it.

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Apart from cotton wool, I try to gently rub it off with tissue as its hard to pull off, touchibg with my hand feels very sensitive.
Do you wash it?
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WARNING: Link to photo is of genitals and is NSFW.
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