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Milky silty pee query; particles in urine, unidentifiable?

Hi there, just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this little mystery. Extensive online research hasn’t gotten me anywhere regarding my ‘milky silty pee’.

I first noticed it when I was quite young.. we had a black toilet and occasionally I’d sit down and pee. Looking at the toilet later the side of the bowl was covered in a white residue. Not every time, but occasionally.
As I grew up I became a bit more aware of this. I’d be having a normal pee and at the very end it would suddenly go white for the last second or so as my pee ended. No idea why. As it didn’t seem to give any symptoms I just ignored it.
I’m now in my 30s and it happens occasionally only… probably only once or twice a year on average I reckon. I’ll be peeing, then all of a sudden towards the end it’ll go white, almost painlessly, as I’d finish peeing. No warning. Any drops that are left contain tiny little solid particles… like silt. Whatever it is, I’ve deduced, is lighter than water as it only comes out at the very end. (Its floating on the pee within the bladder) To all intents and purposes it looks like semen when it comes out, but it can’t be, as semen isn’t silty.
And its rough, whatever it is. Because its at the end of the pee, particles stay in the urethra and they hurt quite badly afterwards due to friction. Once I pee again, it clears the tubes and there are no more problems or pain. And the milky silty stuff isn’t present in the second pee.
Its never been a problem only last Saturday I was out walking and it happened. I took a pee in the trees and it occurred. Walking was very difficult for the next hour as the bits left in the urethra were rather painful and I was a little dehydrated so couldn’t do the second pee to clear the tubes. I didn’t have a supply of water to re-hydrate myself either so it was a bit of a mess until I could get to a pub and drink two pints of water to fill the bladder and flush the tubes. Then it calmed down within the hour.
I’ve done some research online and can’t come to a conclusion or get a hint. Calcium deposits in the urine? Phosphate in the urine? White silt in the urine. No idea. No symptoms… it just happens occasionally about once a year. I haven’t been to the doctor about it as I can’t get a sample without holding a glass or a bottle until it happens again and since it doesn’t cause symptoms they wouldn’t do anything anyway. To me, kidney stones seem unlikely as I don’t get pain before it happens and any images online are the wrong colour and consistency.
Other information:
It’s definitely coming from above the prostate. How do I know? Well, I masturbated once to see if that would clear the tubes. It didn’t, so the source of the silt is bladder, ureter or kidney.
I haven’t correlated it with dehydration, diet or anything else. Absolutely no idea.
Oh yes… you’ll want to know if my pee smells bad. Since the day I was born, I’ve always gotten a smell of what I’ve recently eaten off my pee. Not bad, but I’m aware of it.

If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them. Thanks!
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This seemed like a good read.
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