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Minor throbbing pain in groin area and found tiny yellow rock in semen.

I’m a 33 year old male and haven’t had any issues with my groin or penis before. But suddenly after masterbating one day I noticed 1 or 2 Tiny little yellow dots in my semen.. At first I brushed this off and didn’t think anything of it.. but the next time I masterbated I saw them again.. and this time I actually tried to grab one and noticed it had a texture and felt like a tiny Little Rock between my fingers. Not only that.. I have started to now have slight throbbing pain in my groin area and it hasn’t gone away for a day now.. it’s not extreme pain or anything but it’s annoying and bothersome. I pee fine and it doesn’t hurt at all. When I ejaculate it doesn’t hurt either, but I have seen the yellow tiny rocks in my semen. I don’t think this is blood in my semen as the rock is clearly yellow in color.. my semen is still whitish/gray color so that’s fine.. I’m just concerned this could be something serious or if it will go away with time... it’s hard to find anyone else bringing this issue up as lost I’ve read is all
About different colors in semen but never anything on a tiny little stone like or rock that’s yellow in the semen along with the throbbing pain. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!
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There is something called prostate stones, or prostate calculi, which are really just tiny little stones that can form in the prostate. Most men get these and have no symptoms, but they can become infected, and give symptoms similar to what you are experiencing.


This isn't associated with prostate cancer in any way.

It doesn't just go away though. You'll need to see your doctor to be sure it's this, and get treatment, and to make sure it's not anything more serious. This is not a diagnosis - only a doctor (and I am not one) who examines you can make a diagnosis. Pain is always an indicator that something is wrong, and worth a trip to the doctor. Just wear your mask when you go, and it should be fine.

Let us know what happens.
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