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Molluscum or something else?

I recieved unprotected oral sex from hooker after 2 days there was a papule/nodule of my penis i went to my family doctor he took look and said it was nothing.. i went to another doctor and he wasnt sure so he sent me to skin specalist he took a look ane said it looks like molluscum he sprayed in with liquid nitrogen..i went bsck tk get it sprayed a 3 times and now its gone... my only concerns are with out any biopsy how can he be sure it molluscum? It could of been HPV warts, herpes, spyills, anything?
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It wouldn't have gone away if the other things.  Oral sex has a low risk for std's.  She probably didn't have HPV of the mouth. Oral herpes transferring to the genitals can happen but not often. And you think she had syph of the mouth?  See what I mean ---  you  had a low risk of std's.  

If you are concerned, you can get a simple std screening for those things.  Will bet you are negative for all.  
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