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My foreskin

14. Hello there. Whenever I go to pull my foreskin back it only goes back slightly. Like 1/4 down the head of my penis. When I was like 10 years old I was in the shower and I pulled my foreskin past the head of my penis and it got stuck and really hurt but I managed to get it back to normal. Whenever I go to slide my foreskin down there is a little piece of skin connected to the back of my penis and it hurts when I go to slide down the foreskin. What do I do.

Thank you for reading.
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If you haven't had a wellness exam within the past year, you could ask a parent to make an appointment for you.  At that visit, mention this to the doctor.  
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You could get a book called "What's Going on Down There?" which is a basic health-education book for boys about adolescence and body development.  

Also, you should know that there is supposed to be a piece of skin there for quite a while.  It dissolves after puberty, but for some people much later than even age 14.  

Definitely ask your doc, but don't be surprised if the advice he gives you is not 100% correct, not all doctors know anything about uncircumcised males.  (My son's pediatrician tried to pull back his foreskin when he was still in diapers.)  Another thing you could do is talk to a urologist.  

The easiest thing to do is google the question "average age to retract foreskin," and then follow the links for an educational / medical website (obviously not a porn one, they are in the business of spreading misinformation).
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