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My penis head is dry and flakey when I get an erection (circumcised)

I had a circumcision about a year ago, but 2 months max ago my head started to be flakey. Not itchy or red just flakey and dry. It is obviously not very pleasing and I’m not overly concerned. But would prefer to not go to the doctors.
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It is stopped for a bit of time when wet/moist
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The skin on the glans in the uncircumcised man is non-cornified (like the inside of your lip).  After circumcision it becomes cornified, much like the outer portion of your lip.  This varies from man to man.  After circumcision of an adult, cornification proceeds - sometimes rapidly, sometimes slowly.  Because the skin has undergone a change (due to its new "environment" it may overadjust for a while and become flaky, you have noticed.  It's temporary in most cases, and will ultimately settle down to a surface like the outer part of your lip.  Enjoy your "new" penis.
@ArjayEss Thank you a lot for this, it has been a while but I imagine in some cases it’s longer
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