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My penis hurts

At the tip of the penis head their is a dark circle where the hole is. My penis hurts when I move it sometimes. Also the left side of my foreskin is higher up then the right side? There are Tiny red dots Under the penis head on the glans of the penis too. I think it’s bruised what do I do? I can’t tell a doctor that’s embarrassing.
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This could be balanitis, a fungal infection, or a variety of other conditions.

It shouldn't be embarrassing. Loads of men get infections like this all the time, and the longer you let it go untreated, the worse it will be.

Balanitis may need antibiotics, so don't try to treat it yourself - just go get it checked. To your doctor, your penis is just a body part, like your elbow or knee. There's no need for shame.
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Yeah I know but I’m  16 and it would be embarrassing because he’ll want to check it out. However I did have a uti infection and I went to the doctors for that and I was prescribed Nitrofurantion. But that came just after my penis started to hurt.
Can I get treatment for Balantis at boots or something, like over the counter stuff
No, you'll want to make sure it's balanitis before you treat it.

So your penis started to hurt, you got diagnosed with the UTI, took the Nitrofurantoin, and then got the red dots and stuff?

Taking an antibiotic can sometimes cause a fungal infection.

HOWEVER, since your penis sometimes hurts when you move it, you really need to get that checked out. I know it's embarrassing, but it's so much better to do it now than to let whatever it happening get worse. Maybe your UTI isn't fully cleared up, and you need additional treatments.

You're 16. This is probably the first time a doctor will look at your penis as an adult. It's going to happen a lot in your life, though, and the sooner you get comfortable with it, the easier it will be. I know it's not easy, though.

You've got this. You can totally do it. :)
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Hmmm. I don't know how to tell you. What's more embarrassing: showing your **** to a professional, whose sole purpose is to treat your illnesses, or having serious health complications over some stupid infection/std?
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True that.  I believe health care professionals become immune to what they are seeing and it is never a big deal to them.  It's better to just get it taken care of, right?
It's like showing your old rusty car to a mechanic. There is nothing you can surprise him with.
ed_ten_72 . . . best comparison  yet!  lol  
Any progress with your case?
Yeah, what did the doctor say?
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