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My penis is painful all over, any suggestions?

-Iritated tip and painful to touch, with some iratating red areas on it
-veins are quite close to the skin and one of which has formed a big bulge from the two veins overlapping
-erection pains

I sleep in a weird position that sometimes sandwiches my penis under my leg and i havent stopped sleeping in that position. I dont really have a urologist around where i am, im just hoping i can get some advice from you guys. Its tough having to live through constant groin pain.
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Let me just add to that Im 18 and this pain hasnt died down for the best part of 3 years and im embarressed to tell anyone irl. Ive stopped masterbating as it only adds to the pain, mostblikely got these from masterbating.  
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You don't need to see a urologist - any doctor would help.

You could have a prostate infection, which can cause the tip of your penis to be really irritated, and cause painful erections. You absolutely need to see a doctor for that. It can be caused by an STD, but isn't always. Even though you're 18, you can still have that.

I'm sorry you've lived with this for so long, but it won't help to wait any longer. To a doctor, your penis is just another body part, like your elbow or ear.

There could be other things wrong, too, but you really, really need to see a doctor. Don't let shame or embarrassment keep you from getting this checked. I doubt it's from your sleep position, though I suppose it could be. You just really need to see a doctor. Let us know what happens.

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Where I live, there are urgent cares too.  You can consider that but your primary care doctor would be the best to start off (urgent care if you don't have one).  Do NOT be embarrassed as seriously, doctors hear, see and touch all sorts of things exactly like this regularly.  They are immune to it and don't see it like we do as it is just part of their job. This has been going on for three years?
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Hey - when you do get to the doc, can you post what the doc says here so people who read this know what happened? I know you posted in your other thread that you're sick, so won't get to the doc til next week, so feel better!
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Right I have some news the doctor said I have a stringe of Balanitis and has given me some cream to treat it. She has also advised me to go to see a urologist and have a blood test.
Once I'm back from the urologist (I've arranged travel) I'll give you another update but thanks a lot.
A blood test for what?

And good luck at the urologist! If you don't know what testing they are doing, be sure to ask. You have the right to know that information. :)
A blood test for other stuff sorry
Other stuff not related to this?

Just make sure you understand what the testing is for. We don't need to know everything - just make sure you do. :)
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