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My stomach hurts when I think of opposite sex members

My stomach hurts when I think of members of the opposite sex. Up until a day or two ago, this has never happened to me. Especially not throughout the day in such frequencies. My upper/lower stomach regions tighten up followed by a burst of energy when such thoughts enter my mind. A few days ago, I watched some content. Said content made me feel ill (regarding the opposite sex), and it seems this carried over to non-dirty thoughts of members of the opposite sex in general. It's annoying and I don't know what to do. Please help.
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Is it from arousal? I agree that it is likely anxiety as it does not sound like it is in your testicles which could be epididymal hypertension     (blue balls)   https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324870   Have you ever dated anyone before?
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I have never dated before.
If you've never dated before, and the only things you've ever seen about sex are porn, please know that's not what sex is like in reality. The vast majority of what you see in porn - even the "normal" activities, aren't all that realistic in porn.
Ditto that -- porn is designed for the camera, not for instructions on what to do in bed. The porn filmmaker likes it if it's unusual or shocking, feeling like there will be an audience for it. But porn is artificial, it's not any kind of advisory on what people really do in bed.  Especially, don't assume activities portrayed in porn that would hurt someone in real life are what people are supposed to do.

A friend of mine who had been sexually abused as a young boy began to get really sweaty, edgy and nervous when he reached puberty and was with a girl he liked. His hands would tremble, he'd knock over his glass of soda, etc. He said it was because he felt like "If I like this girl I have to do this terrible thing to her." So yes, having mixed feelings about what sex is and means, can make your stomach hurt for sure. That's why I recommended above that you not watch hentai. You want to understand sex as a good thing, not an extreme thing.
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It sounds like an anxiety or other emotional reaction.  You say "some content," do you mean porn?  Given it's only been a couple of days, I'm guessing it will go away unless you do have a more chronic anxiety problem that leaves you obsessing over things often.  If it's just the one thing and the one time, give it some time, it'll go away.  A lot of people feel emotions in their stomachs.  Very common.
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It was hentai to be exact, but yes, porn. I have watched content with such things before, and it never bothered me, for the most part. I guess my best bet is to rewire my brain to combat the anxiety or something.
I'd suggest leaving off the hentai.  From the (relatively watered-down) descriptions of what it is on the Internet, it sounds like it can get extreme or bizarre, certainly not like it portrays sex in a loving relationship between men and women. If you've never dated before, it could give you a pretty skewed idea of sex, toward the extreme of almost fetishistic or kinky. That kind of thing might be titillating, but it can also be scary to someone who doesn't think that's what sex is about but isn't sure because of lack of experience with a good, full relationship with a woman. It would be enough to tie anyone's stomach in knots if they watch it and think they are somehow  supposed to do it.
I can say that when I first saw porn, and it was pretty basic stuff, as a young teenager, it made sex look kind of disgusting.  It's never been my thing.  I'm not sure how I feel about the effects of it on anyone, though.  Don't really know.  As a guy, I've always been more turned on by half-dressed women than porn, but again, that's just me, and I'm an old guy now so what do I know.  What I do know is anxiety, and stomach problems pretty much go hand in hand with anxiety.
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