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NO erection in the morning

Hi to all,

Iam 22 yrs old male....I have been masturbating from past 8 yrs now.....
I don get hard erection in the morning once i wake up...which i was getting before...
I was masturbating 4-5 times a week(and even 2-3 times a day) ..now i have controlled and reduced it to 2-3 times a week.......
During some  masturbation,I don feel that i have reached a good Erection...and my penis shrinks immediately say after some 30 secs....I masturbate by watching PORN sites....
I also get full erection and i do enjoy a lot if i get sexually aroused...by watching porn sites...!!!!!!!
this happens only sometimes.....but not always....!!!!!! :(
In both the cases I get the orgasm normally and my semen is also normal(white sticky)

I don get erection in the morning ...only during some days(when i wake up) my penis gets erected....
I will be marrying soon in another 2 months....
I just wanted to know whether I am  healthy or not ????
Am I normal....????How many times can I masturbate...????
Will I be able to lead a healthy sex life with my fiancee...??

Plz help mee...am very much worried..??? :(
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dude masturbate all you want. talk to you fiancee about it, shell be okay with it. now that your not in your teens your not raging hormonaly, welcome to the ever so far and wide morning wood gang
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The absence of morning erection indicates that you have erection problems. When my husband had them he took Extagen, which helped him a lot.
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Thanx mates for ur replies....!!!!
I do get erection in the morning.....as i told u previously.....only difference is tat I don get 'em daily.....
and moreover When i masturbate...I am not able to hold my erection for even a minute...
If i hold d penis in my  hand and rub it...am able to stay erected till d hands are out...

I don't smoke, i drink only beer.......and not addicted to any kinda drugs.....Am still a VIRGIN...NEver even had a GF in my entire lifetime.....nor dated anyone..!! :(
The only guilt that i have in my mind is about my masturbation for 8 yrs........

Will it produce any negative effects such as erectile dysfunction....???
Will I be able to make it up with an GAL......???
Should i completely abandon masturbating...????
Is there any physical exercises to improve the erection...????
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not getting them everyday is common, once you hit your early twenties you will start to lose 1-2%of your testosterone every year.  thats why when youre fifteen and a girl looks at you you get a boner. as to not being able to keep it up, try going to a novelty store and getting a "**** ring" which will help the blood vessels dilated. beer will cause you to lose your erections depending on how much you drink.  lastly, go to hihealth or gnc and buy testosterone. they sell it in a pill form. that should kill 2 birds with one stone...... get your testosterone up and "it" up.
you will not get ed from this,if you entirely lose function go see a doc right away. if youve never really touched a girl, trust me you wont have a hard time getting it up.!!! dont stop whacking it, once you get out of the honeymoon phase youll see you will need your skills again,  especially when she gets pregnant!!!   also.....how are you engaged and youve never touched a girl or had a girlfriend??????? arranged marriage???? that doesnt make sense
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My husband is 49, he has erections every morning. When he notices that he has some problems he takes Extagen. Nothing else. He takes a course once a year. We have sex 3-4 times a week.
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Not getting morning wood on a daily basis is possibly a sign of penile exhaustion, maybe masturbating too much, but it would have too be way too much.  Loss of testosterone, too, would cause this.

Solution is easy: exercise is alleged to restore lost testosterone, as well as benefitting you in many other ways, too, to this I can attest.  A while back I stopped having morning wood (nocturnal tumescence) as well, and wasn't very happy about it.  I quit smoking cigarettes, stopped doing drugs, and took up jogging for 20-25 min, 5 days a week.  My morning wood has returned.
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am also not able to hold my erection...for a long time...am still a virgin....
But on my first date..with my GF....she blamed me that am not a virgin.......as my foreskin is not intact (easily gets bk of shaft...) She enjoys my ****.....v had not involved in intercouse....just ORAL SEX AND PETTING......So am still virgin..!!!!

Is it bcoz of my 8yrs masturbation...????I had'nt told abt my 8 yrs masturbation to my GF...???

shud i go forward and tell it to my fiancee.....so as to avoid future problems...!!!!

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I don't know about what you should tell her regarding your 8 yrs of masturbation, that's a potentially tricky subject, and I couldn't give you good advice in that matter... the "angel" on my shoulder says that you should give it to her straight & be honest, while the "devil" says that you should say whatever will create  the best response... so I'll leave that one to you.

As for maintaining erections... I used to have that problem, too, and I think that there are many factors involved.  Exercise, and all things healthy essentially help with good erectile function.  Also, maybe consider eating some dark chocolate or other aphrodisiac (energy drink with ginseng, sugar, tea, I hear oysters work, etc.) as mild stimulant.  Good luck, and feel free to ask more questions, the more specific the better.
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I watch alot of PORN movies and masturbate ......I do all this when am alone.....
So the problem now is::--If i watch PORN movies with my friends(male)...i don't feel the wood .....my penis is soft ......whereas if i watch it alone...i g8 some HOT ERECTIONS(by feeling my penis).......Otherwise..i get some hot erections only by touching and feeling it...!!!!!! I don get it by itself...wch i was g8in yrs ago..!!!!!!
I am a daily surfer of  PORN SITES....i donno its driving me crazyyyy.....!!!!!

At de most i can control myself by not masturbating to only 3-4 days in a row...
Should i abandon masturbating to win the battle...??? :(

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I'm sorry, herod, but I have a hard time understanding what you're saying here.  Not getting erections with your friends should be a good thing, no?

And did you say that you are bothered because you can't get hot erections by yourself, you need porn, as opposed to 8 years ago?  That's fairly normal: hell, I remember 3 years ago there was this girl with a great butt who would walk around, and we would say hi to eachother, she was really friendly, everytime she saw me she was really nice etc., I'd get a hard-on everytime she would walk into the cafe, and once when I saw her on the street, I got hard, and had to monitor the bulge in my jeans all the way home... people noticed me looking down there, walking funny & that.  Stupid anecdote.  Anyways, that doesn't happen anymore, probably for a variety of reasons, but one important factor is that I've stressed so much about erections since then, that it stopped being a game and became nothing short of a matter of life-and-death... that stress alone can do alot!  Also as you get older you produce less testosterone, and sex doesn't have that same forbidden appeal that it whose had... the more it sex becomes a science, the less fun it becomes and, unfortunately, the less you enjoy it and, worse, lose the ability to have spontaneous erections if only because you WANT THEM SO BADLY... a deep part of you kills them as soon as they occur, it's essentially stage-fright.

Like one of those tossers known as The Beatles said: IT's ALL IN THE MIND... at least most of it is!
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ok Pal....!!!!!!! done....
So u mean to say....v get erections only v are in need of 'em(very badly)....taz right...!!!!! :)
1>I actually wanted to know...whether such problems are faced only by me...or by evaone (or most of  de men)....??? :-/

As i hv told u in my previous post..tat i can avoid wanking for jus 3-4 days in a row.....
2>So could u tell me how many times a week I can masturbate...??
3>Now a days i do it 2-3 times a week...Is it NORMALL????

I think am addicted to porn sites....????  So on my first n8 with my wife...
4>Will I be able to enjoy the same way as i was g8in throu porn sites..!!!!!As it is a Question on my man hood..!!Plz help meee...!!!!

5>If u don mind...may i know more about u....??? Am jus' impressed by ur impeccable suggestions....Are u a Doctor??

Plz answer all my 5 Ques.....!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)
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