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Nasal delivery spray for erection/premature ejaculation

Dear, Sir/Madam

I am a 32 years old male diagnosed with bipolar type 1, for 8 years. I suffer from premature ejaculation.
When ever i am sexually aroused my penis would release small amounts of liquid semen. I could not have a long lasting sex due to my sensitivity.

I have heard of a nasal delivery spray that claims to help sufferer of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
The product helps open up the blood flow throughout your body and through to the penis and stimulates the sex hormones.

My question is will the spray work with my brain chemistry. As i am taking 1.5 tablet of avanza 30mg and 1 tablet of sodium valporate 200 for my bipolar everynight.

I want a longer lasting sex.

I am hoping to see the clinic that sell the product by prescription here in australia for a consultation.

Please help me with some advice. I am hoping for good treatment for my premature ejaculation. No squezze techniques as i already know. No antidepressants as i am taking avanza already every night.
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