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Need help on Semen Analysis, testosterone


Male, 30 years . Married 1 and half year ago still not able to conceive my wife. Did Semen Analysis, had 78 Million/ml sperm count, but viscosity is abnormal and motility is 8% only. Got scared, sad and more stressed for three months after that went to saw a Urologist. He ordered hormone tests , results are prolactin - 20 (max range of 15 ), FSH and LH is 4.5 , testosterone came as low of 210 . More scared now. My stress after the semen analysis would have caused low testosterone. Please help.

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I doubt that your stress has caused low testosterone.

See your doctor.  Your doctor can prescribe testosterone gel for you.  The gel comes in measured doses that you rub on to your body (not the genitals).  

I am not sure if the testosterone has anything to do with the sperm count.

You need to discuss your options with your doctor.

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Take complete treatment from the doctor. You may contact urologist and act according to his aadvice.
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