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Nervous fatigue

Hi, I got you email online , I have a question

My problems is unique. i am 35 years old doctor by profession. i never had masturbation but i think i had sexual arousal since early childhood and use to think a lot during my early life. then as i got puberty i began to have nocturnal ejaculation ( wet dreams )well the problem is that since then i  felt down, lethargic, emaciated. i feel fatigue quite early. i have sunken , dark eye circles. palpitation. i feel shy why standing out and speaking in group sometimes feel even tremors. i tried to take multiple vitamins but may be it made me feel more hot and i had more wet dreams. now I am feel emaciated, lean thin body, lethargic down. and feeling that my ejaculated volume is getting lesser in volume and less frequent just one / month as compared to 2-3 /month initially. i am unable to understand my problem why am having this severe nerve fatgue, is sex organ and function is something to do with

nerve developments? i am unable to understand the cause and relationship of my problem.i have chronic sinusitis as well and soon planning to get married. all my labs are normal.

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