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Night "Erections" preventing real sleep


Since about 1-2 months ago I've been waking up after 2-3 hours sleep with an aching stiff erection. It's not like a regular erection (I don't feel aroused at all) and it won't go down. I have to stand up and take a walk to the bathroom every time, force myself to urinate and breath deeply a few times before it begins to subside. After that, I can sleep again for maybe 1-2 hours before being woken again with the same thing.

I've found a similar thread that mentions this as a symptom of hard flaccid penis, but I wanted to make a separate thread as this one is a little old, and I don't have all of the symptoms of hard flaccid (yet?):


I went to a urologist about this who had no idea, but gave me some anti depressants (I currently live in Japan, so having to deal with a language barrier plus a relatively unknown condition here is tough). I am not depressed at all, but this is slowly bringing my quality of life to a complete halt.

I have never had this in the day time and it only occurs when I fall into a deep (I guess REM?) sleep. Some other symptoms I have been experiencing recently which I'm not sure are related:

- Pain in my pelvis when sitting for extended periods
- Mild lower back pain
- Muscle twitching around knees
- Veiny appearance of my penis

I have a relatively healthy sex life and can still reach arousal normally during the day time. I am worried that these night erections might lead to a decrease in the quality of this in the future. I have started taking Fish Oil and L. Arginine (1500mg) in a hope I can improve circulation, but I have no idea what else I can do or how long this will last. Has anyone had similar symptoms and recovered or cured it?

Again as I live in Japan, I'm feeling pretty limited with my options right now. Any help or advice will be very much appreciated.

Best regards,
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Anyone have any ideas on this? It's still happening every night.

As a result I now fall asleep almost every day on my daily commute and while having any downtime at my desk.
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the hard flaccid and pelvic muscle spasms are causes by a loose/ torn suspensory ligament. when ligaments become loose and unstable the brain sends signals to tighten the muscles in the area to support the ligament this is causeing the pelvic muscles to spasm and tighten causing the mild errection this can and probably will eventualy cause erectile dysfunction and many other problems repeat this to a urologist you will need surgery im sorry to say there  is a surgery supported by studys of a  British andrologist mr Mr David Ralph where they  insert non maliable structures to resuport the suspensory ligament. it is a very safe and statisticly effective corrective surgey your urologist will likely not be much help but repeat what I have told you and he will be able to refer you to a specialist andrologist hope I helped.
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  Night erection is chemically triggered and need not be accompanied by erotic thoughts. Since you are having problems only for erections during night, I suspect it may be related to some food that you take. Try taking food items as close as possible to what you have been used to taking.

Empty your bladder before sleeping, drink less water at night, sleep two hours after taking dinner, if there is an increase in working hours in sitting position, do take break in between. Keep the laptop and other electronic devices away from your lap while working. Do use loose undergarments at night. Change your sleeping positions if your present sleeping position exerts undue pressure to the penis area.

If you have any problem with internal piles and if your food is spicy, triggering inflammation inside rectum, it may also lead to painful erections.
However, in this case, the pain will be mostly felt near the prostate area.

Take deep breath during morning and evening, and if possible take luke warm water sitz bath in the evenings to relax the muscles in the pelvic region.


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I am having same problem , there are couple of paper on this subject, they said 0.1 % of men get this problem and it seems there is no cure for that I have exactly same symptoms as you have, my doctor gave me also anti depression but no real effect , you can try 40 mg Baclefon  (muscle relaxing)
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Thanks for the replies so far. It's still happening to me almost every day, and I'm beginning to lose sensitivity in the shaft of my erect penis. I don't know what else I can do. I've tried almost everything mentioned in this thread as well as a few other things (natural sleeping/relaxation meds, limiting caffiene intake, changing position, exercising more etc...)

If anyone finds this at a later date, please feel free to reply to this thread or send me a private message.
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