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Normal or Abnormal Sperm Count?

Hi guys,

I want to ask a question as I've been to specialists and my GPs too and they have both said I should still be OK to have kids.

I suffer with Epididymitis in my left testicle, for which they can't find any infection and so they said it was chronic Epididymitis.

I also suffer with retrograde ejaculation and so when I went to produce a sample for my fertility test, I obviously struggled to produce a massive amount as usually required...

So basically I went and produced the sample, and these were the results found:

Appearance: Normal
Liquification: Abnormal
Viscosity: Abnormal
pH: 8.0
Volume: 0.5 mL
Motility (Progressive): 28.50%
Motility (Non-Progressive): 62.00%
Motility (Immotile): 28.50%
Vitality Vital: 37.65%
Vitality Dead: 62.35%
Morphology: Normal - 3.40%
Sperm Concentration 24.3 Million per mL
Total Sperm Count: 12.1 Million Per mL

The sample was handed in to the lab within 10 minutes of production and I had been abstinent for 4 days prior.

I'm really worried that this might effect my ability to have kids but according to my GP, if I want kids - there should be no significant reason this would cause a great deal of trouble?

What do you guys think? Should I be concerned and is there anything I can do to increase my sperm count and treat the Epididymitis? I've tried all sorts of antibiotics but none have helped...

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I had epididymitis symptoms 15 Aug   got diagnosed 20 Aug was given by the doctor Cipro  for 10 days with anti inflammation medicines & another 10 days of Cipro during the follow up. It seems there is a loss of sensation & libido on my part. I went to a Urologist gave me Cefixime 400 for 5 days & serodase which helps for clearing & healing the internal lesions...I havent masturbated since August. It seems my Sperm isnt getting replenished?  Is it normal?.. The Urologist said i should give it time since the infection just cleared up..
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Cross your bridges if and when you come to them. When in a steady relationship and trying for a family for a year or two and nothing is happening then repeat sperm count. I agree with your GP, you probably have nothing to worry about.
By the way, what is the explanation for your retrograde ejaculation?
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The sperm test results show your sperm's vital enough.  Quantity's a fair concern but there are easy ways to compensate (manually helping the semen onto the cervix for example, while semen travels and likely enough some would reach there in any event, the more the merrier).
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