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Numbness in testicles

About a year ago I found a lump on my right testicle, had it checked by ultrasound and was told everything was normal. Since then I’ve been experiencing E.D, penis shrinkage and now over the last 2/3 days my balls have felt numb to the touch, almost like they’re not there.They feel more tender as well. They still respond to pain I’ve tested it carefully with very light taps but touching them produces little to no sensation. I know I’m not going insane or that they’ve always been that way because I tend to get a lot of stimulation from my balls during sex/masturbation. There is also decreased sensitivity in my penis over the past 2/3 days

The lump is still there, although sometimes it’s very pronounced whilst other times it looks like it almost isn’t there no matter if my balls are tight or loose. I should mention that when I had my balls checked,  the lump was barely visible which may have been why they missed it.

There’s been a slight recurring pain in my testicles, abdomen and back. I’ve also been experiencing random pains around my body. I haven’t felt 100% healthy in a while. I have to wait  4 days for a doctors appointment to address these issues but with my balls suddenly going numb like this, I’m really concerned. Do I need to go to the hospital? These aren’t normal symptoms especially for someone my age (22). I should mention I am a smoker, unfortunately got myself addicted to cannabis as a teenager, I’ve cut down to one joint a day before bed as I’ve lost the ability to sleep without it. I’m aware smoking can cause ED and a whole load of other health issues  so I think this is worth mentioning.

All of this has led to a decrease in my sex life, my now smaller flaccid penis size makes me self conscious, I can’t really achieve a full errection anymore and it goes down quickly without stimulation. It still works to a decent degree but the pressure of knowing I have to focus on my penis performance makes it almost impossible to get an errection when I’m with a partner at times. The last time was so embarrassing I’ve barely even attempted to try and get laid since. Masturbating is still fine but not as good as before, still not as big or potent an errection as it should be. Intercourse doesn’t feel as pleasurable as it should, I get more stimulation from masturbating.

Having said all that my main concern right now is the numbness in my balls it’s freaking me out as it is a new sudden symptom. All the others have been gradually occurring since my first examination. The E.D has been slowly getting worse over the past 2/3 years last time I didn’t mention it to the doctor due to embarrassment but at this point I don’t care I need all this stuff addressed because I can’t live like this anymore.
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I don't think you need to go to the ER unless anything swells, you get severe pain, you can't urinate, etc.

When you go to the doctor, tell them everything you mentioned here. Print your post out and hand it to them, maybe. I promise you that your doctor has heard about ED before, and while it is embarrassing for you, it's clinical for your doctor.

I can't say what's happening - low hormones, a nerve issue, something with this lump, or something else entirely. If anything starts swelling, you get sudden, severe pain, or a fever, or any redness, go to the ER, but otherwise you can wait until your appt.

Let us know what happens.
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Thanks for your response. You’ve put my mind at ease for now. Still uncomfortable stressing over the numbness but I feel mentally sound enough to wait for my appointment. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond.

It’s probably safe to assume I’ll be sent for tests and scans after my appointment so I’ll try to provide an update after that.

Good luck! You're appt must be today. I hope they do some testing and give you some reassurance. :)
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