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hi, iv been indulging in masturbation since15 yrs n now im feeling its consequences, i never knew over masturbation could cause erectile problems, right now im facing very soft erections, morning erections are nearly gone, lemme tell abt ma physical habits, ive been doing exercising v hard since 11 yrs though stopped working 4 yrs in between, i have a very healthy diet and have a great physique i work out v hard n never had erection problems before,now im 29yrs n facing erectile dysfunction, i dont get instant erections as i use to do whn i was bet 15 & 25 yrs old, now i lose erections or say my erections become vsoft during sex, im v worried, have i done physical damage to ma penis, this thought is killing me mentaly. few days bck i have read an article how to get harder erections in tht article it said abt feeding ur body with proper vitamins, so i thought may be im low on these vitamins so since 3 days i have started taking suppliments of omega-3 fish oil (300mg), Vitamin C (600mg), Vitamin E (400 i.u), Zinc (40 mg), L-arginine (500mg) & sometimes B complex. these suppliments i m taking it daily since 3 days, the diff i noticed is my semen volume increased and a bit of erections increased but still not satisfied with the results cos im looking for rock hard erections, i have cut down on masturbation nearly 50%, i wanna know tht am i taking right suppliments or do i need to add anything else, i was planning to take horny goat weed, ginkgo biloba & ginseng will it be wise to take it are these herbs safe ?. n i do smoke like 20 cigrattes a day n i do erecise regularly v hard. can u pls pls tell me excatly how can i get my rock hard erections back,i will be in deed v thank full for the answer.

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