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PE and ED problem

I am having problems maintaining an erection. I only get an erection from constant physical contact. If I watch porn, I get excited  (I can feel myself getting warmer and heart beating faster) but I don't get an erection. When a female gives me Fellatio, I can get an erection, however when she stops, I lose my erection before I can start penetration. When I do manage to get erect and start penetration, I can stay erect as long as I do not pull out. When I achieve an erection and start having sex, I ejaculate within a minute or two. I am 30 years old. I have always had a fairly quick trigger but not this fast and never had a problem getting an erection. I haven't had sex for a couple years until recently. I masturbate daily (without porn) but stopped since I recently started having sex. Trying to figure out if I have ED or just some sort of performance anxiety? I don't have much stress in my life and I feel comfortable around women. I drink 2-3 drinks when I go out but do not smoke or use drugs or medication of any kind. I run 15 miles per week and eat fairly healthy. thanks for your help.
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Have you tried relaxation?  It can help.  Also try the stop go method. You will train your penis and mind and you will be in control of the erections always!!!!!
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thanks for the reply! what do you mean by relaxation? like massage or yoga or something like that?
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OK first you need to give up your porn as it sounds like you have a touch of porn enduced ED, this needs about 8 weeks to reboot your system, to help get over your pe you need to start edging its an exercise that helps pe, for that just go to pegym there you can get all the info on it.
You could try some Cayenne, Garlic, and Ginger as these will all help with your blood flow down below, the Cayenne I mix with tomato paste and oilve oil to thin it, the Garlic I chop fine a whole head and mix with olive oil, these you then take 3 times a day just for 5 days and rota them, the Ginger I take in honey and lemon tea, I keep mine in the freezer and grate it fine the size of a large egg, and put that in my tea, and yes I had ED and I'm now in recovery, you could also try some Tribulus, this will boost your libido, boost your testosterone and raise your energy levels, all these you can google for more info and just add for ED on the end.
Good Luck
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