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Pain in Heart/Chest area while running

Hey guys, i am a 16 year old male who is very active and i usually eat health all the time. I have run cross country for the past 2 years and have never had a problem. I am one of the top runners on varsity and i usually finish very well in the races. This all changed during a meet yesterday. During the second lap of our 3 mile race, i got a sort of pain under mu left armpit. It wasnt so bad, so i kept going but the pain soon moved to the rest of my chest including directly over my heart. It soon became very uncomftorable, so i slowed down to a walk. After walking for about 30 seconds, the pain was gone so i started running again, but the pain over my heart came back. So, i slowed down to a jog and the pain lessened, but i could still feel it a little bit. Today during practice, we ran very slowly, but i still got the sorness over my heart and chest area for the whole run. Again, as soon as i start walking, the pain goes away and i am fine. What is happening? Anybody had this happen before? Is it possible to get a cramp on or over your heart area? What are the odds of this happening twice over the period of a day?Should i be worried? I dont know what to do, becuase i enjoy running cross country. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

(PS: I realize that this probably should have been posted in the heart forums, but for the past 2 days the forum has reached the maximum amount of questions, so i posted here)
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also, i forgot to add that i had an ekg and some other doctors look at my heart back in May as a follow up for Kowasaki disease when i was 10. Everything was fine and my heart was normal and strong. If this helps?
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Go for another test and exercise ekg. It will show what is happening during exercise. Also check your thyroid. Does your family have a history of heart problems? Anything to do with the heart see a doctor. Things can change. If nothing shows up there. Maybe it is structural. Ask to the doctor to check these things though they can can cause pain in the chest. Good luck!
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Hi,It could be caused from the kawasaki that you had at 10.Kawasaki disease can cause the heart and muscles around the heart to be weak.Also you could have pulled a muscle in your chest wall that could cause this problem.The muscles around the heart should get stronger as you get a little older at about 20 years or more.I would not push myself so hard at this time and let the area have time to heal.Also I would get an EKG every year and CBC chem scan profile done also yearly at least to the age of 21.Kawasaki by the time you are 21 should not be a factor in your case!Good luck.
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Did you ever find out what was causing this while running? The reason I ask is my 16 year old daughter also runs cross country and the past two running meets she has done the exact same thing as well as yesterday at practice. I have scheduled an appointment for because I want to know what is going on.
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