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Pain in Lower back and tension in Groin after masturbation

=History of the problem:
I am 25. A few years ago, I noticed that if I ejaculated, there was pain at the base of the penis and I had to grab it to let the sperm out. It was very short lived. Later it went away and would only arise some times depending on what the penis position was. Like it usually was the greatest when I ejaculated while was lying on my stomach against bed. I think it was due to some hindrance caused buy the position. I normally masturbated 3 - 4 times a week and the pain was not there always and then it almost went away.

=A few months ago:
I did not want to masturbate as it made me feel weak so I often did masturbate for a while but then left which would activate the sperm and I think it was stored inside. I did not ejaculate. It may be called "suppressing ejaculation" I know this was wrong. In this period, there was precum coming from the penis which evolves from Cowper's gland I think. During this suppression, I experienced light pains and sensations of pressure below the kidneys and the naval region (just above the pubic bone In the bladder I guess). Then I would eventually masturbate within 24 hours of this pain.

=What happened 48 hours ago:
- I had been sexually aroused at Tuesday night 9:00pm on the 29th of November but suppressed ejaculation

- At 5:00 am (when the date was 30th November) I masturbated and ejaculated as I was feeling that sensation of very light pain and pressure. I was lying in bed against my stomach. There was slight pain during ejaculation maybe due to position of the body or orientation of penis.

- At 6:00 am just after an hour, I don't why I masturbated again and this is where things went wrong. I ejaculated and the ejaculation was too painful and I had to grab my penis again from the base until all the remaining sperm was discharged. There was absolutely no blood in it nor any abnormal color. It was white. But I literally felt my insides were shrinking and being thrown out. The pain was exactly in the penis base area and extend behind a little.

- I went to bed again and there was so much pressure and stress in the Groin and Lower back. Now it was not exactly pain. But a slight sensation of it and great unease like when your muscles are tired and stretched.  
- Later during that day (around at 6:00pm) I had gentle spasms in the groin which were not painful but slight sense of warmth. At 8:00 pm, I observed slight pinching pain at the back of the Groin, right next to the Anus. Urination that day was weak but not painful. There was no abnormal discharge from the penis like blood etc. But I often there was slightly increased urge to urinate. And all this time, there was slight pain the lower back too where the bones connect right above the middle section of the hips.

- At night when I was lying bed, I had change positions as there was that feeling of unease and pain in the lower back and some tension in the groin. When I was awake late the next morning (1st December) there was no pain but the same feeling of pains that mentioned earlier came back again but less intense.The day passed on with rising and falling levels of the pain and tension but this time, there was lesser stress inside the stomach and groin. I had to adjust position in bed at night by putting a small pillow under my back.

- Today (2nd December) after 48 hours of the incident, I observed pain in the lower back again when I just woke up at 6:00 am. Any thought of sexual arousal feels tingly in the groin and produces very light stress there which was not there before.

=Points to note:
- There was never any discharge of blood

- The pain is not elevated by physical actions such as coughing or laughing or breathing deep.

- The pains after the last ejaculation were and are very slight and produce an unease and physical stress, pressure which is discomforting.

- I now walk and move slow as caution.

- Scrotum size slightly increased but absolutely no pain there.

- Pressing the groin does not hurt at all.

- I do not have fever.

- I often have to sit for long periods of time in front of the computer. The posture may contribute to the pain.

- Is this a prostate related problem now? Is it inflammation of the prostate which is causing the pains in the lower back and unease in the Groin?
- Did that last masturbation cause major internal damage?
- Am I in danger?

I don't know what else to say. I have written everything in great detail to the very best of my memory and I thank you if you took the time to read it all. I am very depressed and worried and maybe I can cry because of it. It feels so bad that I have done nothing since yesterday and I am just quietly roaming around the house. Please help me :( At this time any medical professional reading this is my only hope. I thank you once again.
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You sound like you could have a couple of issues. One could be an infection in the urtether where the pee and semen come through. You might have an infection or inflammation in the prostate gland itself. You might have kidney stones which are trapped. These can cause lower back pain as well as in the groin as the nerves are on the same pathway. Though usually this last one will give you pain at other times.

I think it best if you go to the doctor and get it checked out. Don't worry, they see penises all the time, and I know your case is not the first.

Try to keep hands off snakey for a while till you get it sorted out.
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Hi, thanks a lot for replying here. It really helps to hear form someone. I went to the doctor 32 hours ago and explained to him the above symptoms. He said you have a UTI Infection for which he gave me some medicine and prescribed a urine test. I think he also gave me a pain killer. The pain would come back after 15 hours of taking the pills but it would be very slight.

I also asked him twice about the prostate and he said it's not likely at your age. But you know, I'd still like to get an ultrasound done to see whats going on inside. I used to have a kidney stone 7 and half years ago which was 0.8mm in size but the doctor said it does not pose a threat.

I'm gonna get the urine test report today and hopefully it might tell something. What basically worries me is the fact that I suppressed ejaculation a couple of times (around 6 times in the past 4 months) and then would let it out when it was uncomfortable. Well, I'm still investigating this with the doctor and any advice here also counts a lot and ever since I posted this question, I've been checking for a reply daily.

And yes, I've been avoiding masturbation since this happened. Today is day 5 and I think I won't even arouse myself for 3 or 4 months. Ejaculation puts a lot of stress on internal organs.

Thanks again for replying.
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I got my urine and ultrasound test reports. All normal. No enlargement in prostate. No stone in kidney. Normal bladder. Bladder was fully empty in the scan they did after I emptied my bladder. The pain had decreased and almost went away. But now, something else started.
Just this morning (12 hours ago) I just had an erection for not more than 10 seconds. I don't think that's enough time for ejaculation or anything. But when I had the ejaculation, there was an unusual tingling sensation in the groin. It was not painful. The erection went away in 10 seconds but the tingling feeling is still there in the groin especially when I am sitting. I also get the same lower back ache  towards the left in the joint above the hip but it is not that intense. When I had this feeling in the morning I just went for a short walk. The tingling went away for sometime but then there was very slight pain in the area above the right testicle. Maybe the epididymis. It would just pulse 2 or 3 times and then would disappear. --That pain was also very very minor.
-I get the tingling feeling enhanced when I am lying in bed.
-There is no problem with urination.
-No blood in urine.
-No pain while urination.

Haven't masturbated so I don't know about ejaculation.
All reports were normal and I went to the doctor and he gave me Cran Max which is cranberry extract (I think it is for UTI). He was not worried about the prostate.
Whats wrong here? Why am I having this tingling feeling? Should I masturbate and if I don't, will it build up seminal fluid inside me and hurt me?

I am so confused. This depression will kill me. Today I was so worried that I just had tears in my eyes for a whole hour. This is not normal at all and I am uselss even for myself as I cannot focus on anything anymore. Please help.
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"But when I had the ejaculation, there was an unusual tingling sensation in the groin"

"But when I had the erection, there was an unusual tingling sensation in the groin"
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