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Pain in penis

I have been having pain in my penis for a few months now. I don’t have pain anywhere else other than really the tip as it used to be pretty severe pain and all over now it’s on the top. No pain while urinating, no blood or anything like that. All tests came back negative from the doctor. Checking to see what might be causing this pain. Nothing really on my penis. Sometimes shows up red on the back of tip but no lesions or anything like that.

Almost always pain right after urinating. Please let me know what this could be.
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Urinary tract infection? Did the doctor check for infections of the kidney or urinary tract?
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The doctor had me see a urologist because the blood and pee came back normal except a little higher count on white blood cells. The urologist looked everything over and the rectum and said prostatitis. I just want to confirm that is what is happening as the pain has been there for 2 months pretty consistently. But now back to more pain like the beginning of august.
Prostatitis sounds like a good bet. Your doctor who examined you would know better than we would, but it seems like a reasonable diagnosis based on your symptoms and test results.
Not to complicate your life any but prostatitis isn't a diagnosis, it's a description.  It means your prostate is inflamed but doesn't tell you why.  Did the urologist give you an ultrasound to look at the size of the prostate?  You don't state your age, but us older guys get enlarged prostates from a life of high oxidized testosterone, but frankly, that doesn't hurt the penis, it irritates the bladder.  What I would do is get in touch with your urologist -- does that doc have an internet contact system? -- and ask, okay, I have prostatitis, why?  What's causing it?  You can't fix it if you don't know the cause.
Thank you all for your responses. My urologist looked over my penis and the test results. He examined my rectum and stuck his finger in there. He then felt around and said he feels like it’s prostatitis. Basically what I’ve been feeling is pain off and on in my penis for just over 2 months now. I have pain right after peeing but never during, color looks okay. I sometimes have pain after ejacultion with my wife but not usually during. I have had pee continue to come out even after I feel like I’m done peeing for years - probably since high school. But the pain has been 2 months mostly now at the tip of the penis. I feel like I have to go to the bathroom often especially at night.
I’m 31 years old. I would say it started as pain and now my bladder is more irritated with occasional pain. And the feeling/need to go often.
I have had a pretty weak immune system for years where I get the chills and a soar throat often especially during colder temperatures and if I don’t get as much sleep. I had my tonsils taken out when I was 10 years old but continue to get them often.
I would probably see a different urologist.  You can't "feel" prostatitis, what you're looking for with the common rectum test us older folks get at every physical is an enlarged prostate, which isn't prostatitis, it's an enlarged prostate.  You are likely too young to have an enlarged prostate, but who knows?  Again, prostatitis refers to an inflamed prostate, not an enlarged one, and I don't know how you could tell by doing a routine prostate size check.  I've had prostate enlargement problems, and had surgery for it.  So I've had a lot of urologist tests.  Mostly they did bladder scans to see if I was eliminating properly and then gave me useless medication and then finally they have a scope that goes in through the urethra (doesn't hurt) with which they can get a good look at the prostate.  Given your continuing symptoms, something is going on, and your urologist didn't tell you what.  Given his confusion with prostatitis and an enlarged prostate I'd see a different urologist and hopefully get a diagnosis you can use to fix this.  I have no idea what's wrong, it could be nothing anyone can find, that's pretty common in medicine.  I will tell you, the one time I had pain after ejaculation came the first time I had sex after the surgery.  I've got all sorts of problems down there, but not pain after ejaculation.  I'd again recommend seeing a different urologist.  Peace.

Prostatitis is swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland, a walnut-sized gland situated directly below the bladder in men. The prostate gland produces fluid (semen) that nourishes and transports sperm.
Basically my pain comes when I sit for long periods of time and usually right after pee but never during. When I stand I’m usually just fine. I have pee always come out after I’m done and same with semen usually. I’m not sure what’s going on down there but trying to figure it out.
Sorry for posting what it means I’m just trying to get a better understanding and to try and figure this out. I appreciate all of your help!
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