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Pain in right testicle and buttock.

For the 12 hours or so, I have been feeling pain my right buttock that was followed by pain in my right testicle, both feel like a specific point and not the whole area, I didnt know what to do so, I, in the most stupid judgement, masturbated. The pain continued with same intensity (which is uncomfortable but easily manageable) then the pain in the buttock decreased and the pain in the testicle changed from a specific point pain to faint burning sensation in that point.

What should I do?
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So, first, try to relax.  This probably nothing serious.  There are nerves all around there and they can get irritated.  This is probably what has happened.  If it persists, I'd see your doctor who may refer you to a neurologist.  I've had luck stretching with nerve issues.  Can you stretch your glutes?  You aren't having sexual performance issues since you can get an erection and ejaculate, correct? The testicles look alright, correct?  Nothing like torsion going on? here's an article on testicular pain and lower back pain.  But this is lower than lower back? https://www.healthline.com/health/lower-back-and-testicle-pain
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