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Pain near base of my penis - Help?

I have some pain near the base of my penis, its on the right hand side of the base, and a tiny bit up. It feels like it could be the spermatic cord, my testicle doesn't hurt, the cord doesnt hurt anywhere except this one place. It only hurts when i touch it, but i can feel a bit of pain when getting up from sitting, and i can feel a bit of something when walking and just doing nothing.

It started last night, I have a few small ingrown hairs and little tiny spots on the underside of my penis that doctor told me i could squeeze if i wish, I had done a few times. Anyway last night I was sat down and when i had an erection I started squeezing the spots (by pressing down either side) and it is easier to do when the penis is erect. Anyway when squeezing one I think i pressed too hard as my hands "slipped" and it made me press in even harder, it was then that I thought i felt a pain (at the side of my penis base)  the pain has been present since. If i feel where the pain is it feels like the "pipes" (spermatic cord i think - or is that behind the pubic bone?) may be a bit swollen.

I don't think it is a testicular torsion as the pain isnt BAD or svere, it just feels a bit painful and sore, my testicles seem normal, and I had no trouble masturbating afterwards. Also it has now been about 4 days since, the pain isn't barely there now, although for as long as 48 hours after the pain was the same when pressed and i've heard that testicular torsion pain subsides after 6 hours. Yesterday the pain wasn't as bad, and today it has pretty much gone - even when pressed hard.

So please can I have your help - do you agree that it isn't a testicular torsion, and what do you think it could be - do you think it could be damaged?

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