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Pain shifting from one side to another side

I am a male, 36 yrs old.   I am suffering from dull left testicle pain and left side groin accompanied by radiating pain in left leg and left back for nearly 6 months.    All the tests asked by my urologist came out clean and normal, and I don't have any STDs.  I don't have any visible swellings, change in color, shape, etc.   My urologist said I don't have epididymitis, prostatitis, herpes, etc.   However he is unable to explain the reason why I'm getting this pain in my left testicle.    The scrotal ultrasound scan also din't show anything, and showed my testicles are in normal shape.

Very rarely I'm seeing these pains shifting from left side to right side for a brief time.   During this, I'm 100% pain free on my left side and they vanish instantly, however the same exact pain happens on my right testicle, right groin, right back and right leg.    The pain is more identical like the same I had on my left side.   After sometime, the pain returns back to my left side again and stays there for several days.   I have no idea what this could be.

When I do a deep exhale and shrink my lower abdomen (above the pubic bone), I can see a pain originating from my lower abdomen and feel like it is radiating downwards to my left groin, left testicle, left back and left leg.  I can also see the pain radiating all the way to my feet.

Somebody please help.
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   It looks more like a case of pinched nerve in the lower spine. You could consult a neurologist with your symptoms and get a proper diagnosis and treatment.
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Anyone knows what this could be?
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