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Pathological phimosis

So I've done some research online and figured out that I have something called Pathological Phimosis, I can't peel my foreskin back (stage 4 phimosis) due to some scarring that I probably got from a zipper when I was a kid. I'm 18 now and I can't find any treatment options other than circumcision. If there are any tips or advice please comment.
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At your age phimosis is usually not truly "pathological."  Congenital?  Possibly.  Nobody's penis is exactly like someone else's.  Some foreskins are easily retractable right from sometime in early childhood, others aren't.  A small percentage of males have a foreskin, in good health,  configured such that it never really is retractable.  This is most common in men of central and east Asian ancestry, but occasionally appears in European Caucasians.

Phimosis is "pathological" when a once retractable foreskin becomes unretractable.  The single most common etiology is diabetes, and usually occurs in men over 40, and usually those with juvenile onset diabetes (JOD).  It is believed to be a consequence of small blood vessel disease that occurs in JOD.  It also sometimes occurs in adult onset diabetes but that is less common.

Local injury to a foreskin can result in scarring and subsequent inability to retract the foreskin.  But to establish that, the foreskin should have been retractable previously.  You don't indicate whether or not this is the case.

If phimosis is a significant problem to you, then you should see a urologist (male - please!) who (without your prompting) talks in accordance with what I have stated above.  The reason I say this is that in order to get the best opinion regarding remediation of this issue, you must avoid urologists either not concerned with foreskins, those that for personal reasons just want to circumcise everybody,  or those who are not particularly knowledgeable on the subject.  You have to suss this out yourself.

I hope this clarifies things for you.
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Agree with the above, especially that not every doctor knows what he is talking about when it comes to foreskins.
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I have phimosis and was just circumcised the 19th of march (So still recovering). Before the option of circumcision was brought to the table my urologist prescribed me an ointment normally widely used for people with severe skin condition. A side-effect of this ointment was that it loosend the skin it was applied upon, when applied regularly. Sadly, for me it didn't work well enough. Note that the ointment I got was prescribed and can't be bought without a prescription. My best advice would be talk to a urologist they should be able to give this option to you.
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