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Penile Doppler Test


I have an upcoming Penile Doppler Test and have a couple of queries for people who have experience this scan before.

From my research, usually a patient is given an injection to cause an erection prior to the scan.

I've been told that I should have received a prescription and should administer the injection myself.

Surely, this isn't right.

If anyone has experienced this scan before, please could you let me know.

Thank you.
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Who told you that?

This is what I've found -

https://www.browardurologycenter.com/treatments/advanced-imaging/penile-doppler-ultrasound/ -

"A penile injection of a vasodilator agent called Trimix will be performed using a very small needle."


"We use a fine needle to inject a vasodilator into your penile tissue. "


"A penile injection will be performed to provide the penis with a medicine that causes increased inflow by vasodilating the penile arteries."


"Prior to the ultrasound scan, your doctor injects the base of the penis with a medication that causes an erection."

I couldn't find one that says that you inject it. If that's the case, I think I'd find another doctor. It seems to be the standard of care for them to do it. Give your doctor a call and ask about it.

Good luck.
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I did think for a second that maybe you're in another country, so I looked up places in the UK:


"A tiny needle will be used to inject a vasodilator drug into the side of your penis to increase blood inflow to
the penis."

In short, no, you do not do it yourself. And don't be afraid of something called a "tiny needle." Hypodermic needles in gauges called "tiny" really *are* tiny, like a hair.
Thanks for the reassurance. You were all correct, I do not administer the injection myself. It happens during the scan.
Oh good to hear. I hope it all goes well for you, and you get the answers you are looking for. Let us know how it goes when you have it. :)
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