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Penile tightness

A few months ago I was involved in a serious car accident that left me comatose and cathetered for a couple of weeks. SInce waking up from that I have found my foreskin pretty much impossible to retract, and painful to even attempt doing so. Prior to the accident my foreskin would go back a certain amount, enough to expose some of the skin underneath but never enough to stay there.
As of the past few months not only is it impossible to expose any of the skin under the foreskin and agonising to attempt to do so, I find the tip of my penis burns for days after masturbation.
This probably needed to be addressed when the issue first arose but my priorities were in surguries, broken limbs and brain damage.
This is the only one of the many issues caused by the accident that I cannot seek local aid with, so hopefully someone here knows the problem and how to fix it, thank you for your time and extra thanks for any advice you are able to give
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You've been through a lot. I'm glad you survived your accident.  How is the recovery coming?  Healing? How is the brain injury? Urethra stricture and other complications happen with having a cath for a long time. Have you the ability to see a urologist? You should as this should be something they can solve for you.
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Unfortunately I don't think I have the option to see a urologist, as currently all healthcare focus on me is related to the accident and injuries.

This is not a priority compared to other things but it has a large impact on my confidence and also effects quality of life.

I need to find some way of returning my penis to it's previous state, as at the moment it is painful and difficult to masturbate and to urinate for the few days following masturbation.

I don't even know if it would be possible to force it to retract as much as it used to even without the pain.

Are there any health products that could be obtained discreetly or even some form of exercises to return its prior state?

I understand it isn't a priority but mentioning it to whatever rehabilitation doctors or specialists you are seeing is important. It's not just masturbation, cleaning and whatnot will also be impacted by this.  Sometimes steroid cream is prescribed that helps and frankly, some men will opt to get circumcised. The over the counter med for this is hydrocortisone but I wouldn't do that unless you've asked a doctor.  
You may also have urethral stricture which would need to be evaluated. Is your pee coming out okay?
I actually think I have hydrocortisone for eczema, unrelated but I could use that without interacting with a doctor.
Urine is coming out in a tighter stream than it used to and requires a small squeeze of the foreskin to get the last little bit out.
Those are issues one does see with prolonged catheter usage.  Are you sure you can't mention this to your caregivers?
My care is currently split between three different hospitals scattered across the country and idealy none of them would know about, or see, this
This is something you need to talk to one of your docs about.

If left untreated, this is can lead to surgery, and perhaps a circumcision. I know you have other medical needs that are important, but this is also important.


I'm sorry you are going through so much, and now you have something else to deal with. Make this a priority. It's urgent. Just talk to one of your doctors - it doesn't matter which one. Don't try to self-treat. Since it's affecting your urine stream, it's now at the point of needing medical care. I don't know how old you are, or if this is embarrassing to you because it's your penis, but your doctors view your penis the same way they would your elbow or knee.

Please talk to someone about this.  
The effect on the urine stream is only minor, and you are basing off of my limited understanding of this issue that multiple people in my life need to know that my **** isnt working properly... Cause that toally works with my request for a discreet solution
I'm really sorry, and I get it - I'm a very private person, too, but there's really no discreet way to fix this.

I haven't been in your situation, and don't know what other injuries you sustained, how dependent you are on others (or not), but fewer people will know about this if you can get treatment now and maybe avoid surgery.

Your penis still works, as far as you describe. Just one part of it needs attention, and it's not uncommon after what you've gone through. Can you even call one of your doctors and get advice over the phone and then make a decision? I don't know how old you are, or where you are, and if you are under a certain age, if they have to tell your parents, but maybe your doctor can be discreet if you call?

Is there a parent, brother, good friend that you can tell who will be understanding and not tell everyone else?

There is a fix to this, and your penis isn't broken. Just don't let it get worse.

I'm sorry I have no easier answers for you. I just don't want it to get worse for you and become a true medical emergency.
17 years old so everything has to go via my family, annoyingly. Most contact comes via them too so I have no easy way to reach a personal doctor discreetly.
If the fix to this is circumsision then with all due respect the solution can get bent. I refuse to spend the rest of my life with a sore ****, whether that fixes this problem or not.
Well, if you can do something about it now, it may not come to that.

I'm really sorry. I've never been a 17 year old boy, but I'm sure the last thing I'd want to do is talk to my parents about my penis if I was one. I do have a teen nephew. I'm sure he'd rather die than talk to me about his penis, but I hope he knows he can talk to me rather than suffer.

There may be a really easy fix for this. Maybe some cream and some stretching stuff. I hope you reach out and get some help. I'm sorry it's not easier. At 17, you should be able to do this for yourself. In some places, getting sexual health care as a teen is allowed. You should google it and see if that is allowed where you live. This may fall under that.
I live with a family of highly overprotective people and as such have to go through them to get anything such as an appointment, and justify leaving the house.
I have spoken to them as the discomfort while urinating is a severe problem and a doctors appointment will hopefully follow.

Going to work on the assumption that you are female, at least female assigned at birth. I suppose the equivalent would be at 17 discussing dicomfort following masturbation and following urination for days with your parents with different genitals, the difference in those scenarios is literally just the genitals and discussing them, urinational pain there, and masturbation is the same.

With my family I opted not to explain the fact that urination only causes pain for the few days following masturbation and just said "sometimes" to make things simpler and less humiliating.
Yes, I am a cis female, and as a teen, I had severely painful periods, to the point I missed school almost every month. My sister had some serious PMS, so we were pretty open about stuff in my house, though you are correct - it wasn't as if I had to explain a problem with my clitoris, vulva, or something similar.

My father, who had no sisters, and had only daughters, was in a daze a lot of the time lol. We did not go into detail with him often.

I'm glad you talked to them about it. I'm sure it was not easy, and that must mean you're in a lot of pain. I hope you get to see a doctor really soon. Please let us know how you're doing.

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