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Penis Cancer

OK, I've been freaking out now for the last couple of hours, and I need a little bit of help. I'm uncircumcised, and the foreskin is too tight for me to pull it back over the head. I feel a lump, and it feels pretty small, but it's noticable when I feel it, but I can't pull back the skin to see if it's cancer or if it's a build up of smegma or what. I have had smegma recently, and I doubt it is that, but anyway, I can't tell my mom (I'm 18) that I probably have cancer; I just don't have the heart. Is there some way I can set up a meeting with a doctor myself and get it tested to see if it's cancer or benign or whatever?
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You seem very young for penis cancer. But there is a higher risk factor with people that aren't uncircumcised- that doesn't mean you have penis cancer. I would definatly go to a doctor to get the lump checked out- there are other things it could be besides cancer- it could be a cyst for example. If you are 18 you should be able to make a doctor appointment without your mother being there. Try to relax and don't worry unless there is something to worry about.
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it could be a scar if there is a noticeable curve to the penis when erect you might have peyriones disease.  Peyriones is benign and not cancerous. But still see a doctor, preferably a urologist.
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