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Penis Irritation

Here is the thing, last year in Feb. 2005 I had a probelem with my penis. One night I had a burning feeling at the tip of the penis and it lasted until the morning and the a couple of days later it came back at night time and lasted I think a day or so. Then it was just a feeling of urine towards the top of the penis even if I empted a full blatter. I thought it was just UTI, so I tried a home treatment of cran berry juice for a month or so, then went to the doctors since it did not go away. My regular doctor gave me Antibiotics for a couple of days or weeks, it did nothing, so I went to a Urologist. He felt my prostate and he said it was the normal size, and gave me some Antibiotics. Took the Antibiotics for about a month or more and it did nothing. So he said it could be irritation from food, so he told me to try Prelief. It did change a little bit. So he told me to keep taking it so I have not seen him since July or Aug. of 2005.

Now a year to the same month I'm feeling it a liitle more and it seems like the Prelief is not working at the moment.

Since its not prostate cancer what could it be, it seems like it is some kind of irritation or something like that.

Theres no pain, or blood. Its just the feeling of urine at the top of the penis after peeing. The color of the pee is light yellow or clear depending on how much water I have drank.

What do you guys think it is.
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I think it's been going on a long time. I would see a different urologist or complain to the first one.  Probably not serious but you can't be too careful.

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This might be stupid but could it be an Irritation with bottle water, because at night when I drink arrowhead bottle water it seems like I feel it more. I think I started drinking arrowhead bottle water acouple of months before this whole thing started in Feb. 2005. The reason I started drinking bottle water is because my local water treatment plant started putting in Chlorimine, which has been found it can harm the human body.

My family just got a new Refrigerator that has a filter that takes out Chlorimine. Should I only drink that and see what happens.
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