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Penis bump on metus. What can it be? Photo attached

3 months ago I had sex with a prostitute in Mexico and my condom fell off. Right away I felt a burning on the tip of my penis. Few weeks later I noticed a deep crack on the tip of my penis (not sure if it was there befor or not but I don't think it was.) next to the crack seemed to be a bump. I will post a photo of it. I went to the doctors he said it dosnt look like anothing abnormal maybe just a little redness and maybe it's a little bit of a yeast infection. He gave me a cream and some pills to help as he thought it was a yeast infection. As soon as i starting to take the pills the burning pain in my penis went away. But not the bump. He made me take all the std test and I passed all of them with no trouble. Came back to the doctor he said looked better and noticed there was a little something on my penis [the bump) skin colored so he sent me to a urologist. He looked at it and said dosnt look like anything abnormal maybe it was there befor and you didn't notice it. And maybe it was stress.... okay I'm no doctor but I don't think stress causes a bump on your penis. Please help any type of advice on what this could me. I will be checking to see f anyone comments on this. And also will be getting tested again in a few months to double check. Still feel funny feeling on my tip of my penis.
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I don't know how to post a photo so please message me if you could help! Please I feel like dieing I don't know what to do!
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