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Penis exercise injury

     I have posted questions on this site before. This is more of an information message than a question. Five years ago I sustained an injury from doing penis enlargement techniques. I never felt any real pain, but suddenly noticed a very shriveled penis, which hung much shorter and not as loosly in its flaccid state, it was also much more stiff. It felt like there was a constant drawing or constricting of my penis, like the tissue was locked up and wouldn't let go. For a long time I thought this was a healing mechanism to repair torn tissue. I dealt with this and told noone for a very long time. l guess I was hopeing it would eventually just go away, but it just got worse. I got seriously depressed and had constant anxiety and panic attacks. The feeling is extremely uncomfortable and can be described as torture.
     Eventually I started having severe lower back pain. So I went to a doctor which said there was nothing wrong with my penis, which was my main concern, but he suggested I should have my back checked out regardless. I had a MRI done, which showed a large disc herniation compressing a bundle of nerve roots between L4 and L5 which is the very lowest disc at the bottom of the spine, closest to the area.
     I eventually ended up seeing a neurosurgeon, which said the only options I had was to live with it, or to have a micro lumbar discectomy to relieve the pressure on the nerves. The pressure restricts blood flow to the area in which the nerve runs, causing the strange sensation in the area. Aswell I had some numbness and stiffness in my legs, feet and buttock, but not nearly as much as I did in my penis. I tried to find other information on this, but it must be very rare, because it seems that noone really knows about it.
     So three weeks ago I had my back surgery, and I immediately noticed the feeling of pressure or constant crampimg was relieved. They said it would it would take me six weeks to return to normal activities, and possibly up to a year to fully recover. But at the rate at which I am feeling better, I seriously doubt it will take that long. They also said there could be permanent nerve damage, but I dont think so.
     I think this has saved my life, a life which was ruined without this information. So I want to pass it on to anyone who may have this condition, because I believe this is your answer. I donot have my own personal computer, I am currently using the web on a Playstation 3. I also am ignorant as to how to go about posting an information site directly on the web, so everyone who searches may find. If anyone interested could take the time to pass this information on, you could litterally save someones life, I care for all of you, remember Jesus loves you.
                                                                                                          God bless
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Hello there, I also decided to start doing penis exercises, and as you said the same feeling you felt did occur me for 2 months ago, suddenly without any pain I felt a wierd sensation in my penis, I lost much sensation and it shriveled up and got hard.
My penis feels soft and normal when i'm sitting down or are relaxed.

What do you think I should do?, I'm pretty sure my penis has bad nerve supply, because it's contracts and are much more hard now than before.
I have felt a little bit pain in my lower back, but I don't know because it does not bother me, I'm playing football so maybe I could have damaged something. I dont know anyways thanks for sharing your experience.

So you penis is not contracted anymore? Does it feels more normal now than before the surgery?

If so i'm glad that it went well for you.
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Well it has been about a year since I had surgery now, and the pressure and constant pain has gone away, but my penis is still not completely back to normal. It seems to be healing very slowly. It has really ruined my life. Just to note for years i had no back pain. You may never notice any. Nevertheless I recommend getting an mri. If you have these symptoms, thai IS what is causing it. I can say that with absolute certainty. Good luck
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