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Penis fracture

Ok so I've had sex ounce and when it happened (this was a long long time ago I don't have sex any more) and when it happened she tried to ride me I believe it was backwards but it not might have been and it wasn't the classic penis fracture like there was no crack or anything or purple spotts or swelling of any sort and basically she bent my penis and I pulled out and the pain went away quickly I was still erect and we kept going but after that when I went home whenever I would pee I would feel a little bit of pain inside my penis and it would somtimes not be there and it somtimes would give a good amount of pain and then as the weeks passed I felt with it and found out when I stopped masterbating the pain went away so here I am no Mounths in the future and I'm still worrying about it because recently I pinched my penis in order to make sure I wouldn't get pea on me for hygienic reasons just to slow down the flow and after I peed everything a few drops of pure blood came out the same pain was there and it wasn't unbearable but still it worries me that my penis is still going through this and I can't see a doctor because I'm religious now and my dad can't find out so I gotta wait till I'm 18 so idk what to do I don't think it's a emeregency but it's a just in case WILL should I be worried about sexual intercourse with long future wife?
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