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Penis has discoloration on glans

For about 3 weeks now my penis head has this discoloration on the glans that seem to come and go. Additionally the tip gets slightly puffy. No pain or discharge. The discoloration is a slightly darker color than the rest of my skin and seems to disappear and reappear daily.


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Thanks. I looked into that but because the spot seems to move from time to time throughout the day I’m concerned it’s something possibly bacterial or fungal due to the occasional puffiness at the tip.

I did recently get tested for STDs 28 days since last exposure and they all came back negative. (Exposure was very minimal all outside of the body) blood work was all good as well.

I am 34 y/o. Uncircumcised.

I did have some bladder uncomfortableness 2weeks post last sexual event so my doc gave me Levoflox for 10 days, a shot of rocephin and 1gram arithromicin. He thought I had NGU. (Discomfort went away next day after antibiotics and only lasted about a week)  Shortly after that regimen I noticed the odd spot. This prompted me to get tested on the 28th day.

At no time did my urethra hurt though.
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This could be this harmless thing that happens called penile melanosis.  . It occurs when melanin forms in concentrated deposits on the surface of your skin.  Not serious, not dangerous.  That would be my best guess but you should see a doctor.  https://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/penile-discoloration#vitiligo
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Just wanted to add some more examples from today and a bit more detail


The small discoloration will shrink to the size of a few centimeters throughout the day and then expand randomly. Usually it’s only on one side of my glans but the crown will get puffy from time to time.

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