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Penis retracting into body

My husband fell on his penis when he was younger while at a skating ring- he is now 20. Ever since then, he had a indention above his penis. Another symptom is that his penis retracts into his body when his adrenaline gets going. He would literally have to pull it out before it goes all the way in.

I have tried looking up these symptoms but only found one thing called "Penis Panic" pretty much saying that its a beliefe where men think their penis is going to retract into their body and disapear. Well, this def is not something in his head, lol... really happens.

Anyone else heard of this? He went to the doc- the doc is going to call him back cause he doesnt know what it could be.

Thanks in advance,
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No, he is not overweight. Good shape, we are both in the Army.

Adrenaline causes it... when he is scared. Throughout working out, he has to pull it when it starts going in.

I don't see how its happening... but it does....
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hmm...that seems odd, but im not saying that it doesnt happen. i just never heard of anything like that before...time to do a little research
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No luck on finding anything online... I looked awhile.

The only thing I could find is something called "Penis Panic" Which is pretty much a beliefe that this condition is a fear that men have... that it doesnt really happen.

Well... it really happens... lol

The doc said he would call him back abou tit... its been 3 days... :-/
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Yes, I am serious.
Well, maybe it is somehow detached. He noticed this problem (as well as the indention above his penis) after he fell at the skating ring when we was a kid (on top of his penis). He said that it does slip under, and not over. He doesn't have a small penis... bit on the bigger side. He said that it is def retracting in... if it goes to far, he has to get hard for it to come out. It only happens when his adrenline kicks in, no other time. It happens on a daily basis since we work out everyday in the army. He said while working out, he'll have to tug on it so it doesnt retract.

Maybe it does sound like a silly joke but there's no joke here. He went to the doc on Wednesday... the doc said he had no idea what it was, that he was going to try to find out and call him back.... he hasn't called back yet.
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You are right, it is hard to find anything on this. There is only one other symptom mentioned on the net: genital lymphoedema. On a lymhoedema website it mentioned in just one line that after injury or surgery sometimes parts of genitals can develop sudden swelling and oddly enough it mentions swelling of the scrotum that makes the penis temporarily retract into the scrotum. There is no further explanation but maybe that`s another clue. Maybe a urologist can arrange an ultrasound as well to determine what kind of physical damage is present since your husband`s injury. Hope some of this helps...
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Well no swelling is present when it happens. Yes, I bet an ultrasound will def help.

No, I haven't personally seen this, since its when he gets scared- its not like he gets scared/his adrenline gets going... then would pull down his pants to show me, lol.

But, I do notice that he would pull at his pants daily, everytime I ask why- he says it cause of that problem. Mainly working out or so.
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Next time he is naked, let him work out.... All the best.
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I have actually seen it... few mins ago.

It looked like his head was retacting into his body with the skin over it (Almost like he was circumsized- but he isn't)  He said it's almost in, but not all the way... It can go all the way in. It didn't look normal to me.
Normally he hangs about 2-4 inches... i saw it around 1-  def looked like it was retracting.

Also, the indention, I can confirm, it quite noticable. Almost a half inch indention. Its right about his penis.

Hrm. ?
Doc still hasnt called, it's been a week.

Thanks for all the responses!
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i have the same porblem dont no why it happens .i notice  the same thing.thought blood flo.if you find out what it is please post.
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I also have this problem. My penis is over 5 inches erect, but throughout the day it will retract to less than an inch and I have to go to the bathroom to pull it out to let it "hang".  It is also very embarrassing in the locker room after a workout. I have to give it a tug to come out otherwise it just looks like a turtle head peeking out. I am circumcised and have not found any information about this for circumcised penis'.
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I also have this problem and if anybody can come up with something,please post.
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I have the same problem and have been researching it for some time to no avail. My penis has gotten noticably shorter (not smaller, but just not as long) over time and I have the same indentation on the top side of the base of the penis (looks like the penis is pulling into my body). The indentation is there when flacid or erect. This indentation has not always been there, and though my length is fine, I am positive I am missing length that was there before (that I would like back BTW).

The only thing that even mentions this symptom online is Peyroines Disease, but I don't have any of the other symptoms it mentions (like extreme curvature of pain). Any info or help on the matter would be appreciated, as it's kind of a demoralizing problem and there seems to be no data on it even though a few people have posted to this site, and obviously a problem exists.
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