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Penis size

hi everyone
I am 23 years old and a virgin. to be honest, I have always wanted a long and thick penis. when fully erected, my penis is almost 5 inches long, and this size doesn't really satisfy me whatsoever. What I want to ask you is that does it really matter to have a long penis? Does the size affect the amount of pleasure you get during sex? If so, is jelqing a right approach to grow a long penis? I don't know how to put it forward, however, I would like to say that almost a year from now I will get married and experience my first intercourse. I think having a long penis might give me more pleasure during sex and I think it might feel hot to have a long, deep penetration.

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Hi there is nothing wrong with the size of your penis , 5 inches will satisfy any woman , So please stop worrying about the size it is ,
Regarding Jelqing you can damage your penis you must be careful doing stretching of the penis you can do a lot of harm to yourself ,
Please Take care ,
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thanks from your nice reply and thanks from your encouraging remarks about my penis size.
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Do you imagine vaginas are endlessly long?  Speaking as a woman, too long of a penis can make for an unpleasant experience. The man's penis will hit the woman's cervix (at the end of her vagina), and that hurts. A vagina is only about five inches deep.  Basically, someone with a freakishly long penis would not have a "long, deep" penetration, he would have five inches of penetration and the rest of the penis would be out in the air, and his partner would be saying, "Ow! Quit bonking me!"

Don't worry about a thing.  The nerves that are exciting during sex for the woman are all in the lower third of her vagina anyway, further back there are no nerves, and the clitoris is right at the vaginal opening.  It's what you do there, that counts.
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