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Perineum Area Spasm/Vibration

I am a 27 year old male with a longstanding history of chronic abacterial prostatitis or prostydonia.  Recently, I starting experiencing very odd sensations in the area of my perinuem, along my pelvic floor, believed to be in the area of my prostate.  The sensations are like an intermittent vibration, or quivering if you will.  Although not painful in nature, they are very aggrevating and tend to last from about 2 seconds in duration, with a variable amount of time in between each spasm. I have had them occur in intervals of 5 seconds up to several minutes.  I am highly concerned am currently trying to make another urologist appointment for help.  If anyone has information regarding cause and treatment of this, I would love to know.  I have had difficulty finding information from others of similar symptoms.  Thanks to all...
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"Spasm" makes me think muscular. Have you ever tried doing your kegels? It may be just an issue of toning/relaxing your pelvic floor muscles. Another thought, do you ride a bike very often?
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Hmm.. try Lioresal, hope it will help you!
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51 yold aussie massive attacks{ lasting one hr} since vasectomy at 29. Unbelievable pain arriving unannounced. Feels like nuts being compressed in a vice while a watermelon is being shoved up ur butt. Seriously. Nasty in the extreme! Originally occurred after sex; but since mid 90's my mid 30's these ...kers occur whenever. What to do? Well..... toughen up! I had to, like right now! Apparently women experience a similar thing. may the gods have mercy! Pissed off? U bet! Hey; I'm not in a wheelchair or in the nursing home..... yet. Live this life and be damn grateful for every minute free of fear and pain.
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