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Permanent penile/Urethral nerve damage?

About 4 months ago my girlfriends iud coil strings stabbed my urethra. There was alot of blood at the time and after a week i went to a&E. The consultant said id feel better after another week, which i did, i felt totally normal. But i had alot of pain in my perenium,bottom and penis before i did and i mean alot.

4 days after i felt normal i had sex with my partner who had since had the coil removed. I thought everything was fine again. I went to the toilet the day after and felt a sharp shooting pain in my urethra. It has since never left. I struggle with constant burning, frequent urination and it is worse when sitting at work in tight trousers. I also dont get as many erections and find it hard to do so without physical contact .

I had a cystoscopy which came back fine and am on 4 amitrityline a night and taking ibruprofen with little relief.

Could i have permanent damage? Like pudendal neuralgia?
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