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Persistent Irritated (not painful) Small Red Mark/Bump On Penis Head

Hello all,

Back in February I had sex with a women whom gave me many issues after the fact including a prostate problem (apparently). About a week or 2 after, I noticed a small painless red bump on my penis head. Before the covid pandemic, I got it looked at by 2 doctors who both said it was "nothing" but i really don't believe them (all negative for STDs). This mark continues to get irritated and red after sex with my current girlfriend or masterbation (I am uncircumcised). I have tried steroid cream which kind of seems to work while refraining from sex.. but once we engage in activity again, the area just seems like it needs to irritate again (maybe not giving it enough time?)

Secondly, similar but a bit different, I had fissure tears in my foreskin from awhile back that seem to behave the same way. It looks like it heals with time... but when I engage in activity, It likes to irritate itself again and again...

Is there a special cream out there or tactic i could use to combat this issue? It has taken a toll on my sex life for far too long and I don't want to make anything worse (no my doctor's office or urologist's office is not seeing anyone in person)

I appreciate the comments, anything will help at this point.

Thank you! fingers crossed!
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Where is the bump? If it's on your urethral opening - your meatus - that could be from the prostate issues. Prostatitis can give you pain and irritation at the tip of your penis.

I also wonder if you have balanitis. That's an infection on the head of your penis and the foreskin. That can be fungal or bacterial, and can cause some of the symptoms you describe. Is your doctor doing video visits? What about an urgent care? There must be some way you can get care for this. If it's balanitis, any decent doctor should be able to help. They just need to identify if it's fungal or bacterial. Don't treat it yourself - using the wrong treatment can make it worse.

If you're in a hard-hit covid area, make sure to wear a mask when you go out, if urgent care centers are open.

Good luck and let us know what happens.
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No it is not at the urethral opening, literally on the top on the penis head not the tip. It gets covered by my foreskin.

I havent thought about balantis but could this cause only one spot? It's almost as if the spot was injured (when I look close, the lines in my foreskin head dont align with this mark, a little shiny red spot in the way)
Shiny red spots are often a sign of psoriasis, which could also account for the foreskin tears.

Can you take pics of it and send it to your doc? If the steroid cream kind of works, maybe they can prescribe a stronger one.
hmmm i do not think it is psoriasis as i do not have scales that surround there red area, and also today, since i have been careful down there, there is no red bump, more of a skin colour bump and smaller, but still an abnormality... red only comes with irritation.

I have booked over the phone appointments again with them to see what they can offer.... again not much can happen when no one are taking patients in-person..
Let me know what happens with the doctor. Take pics so you can send them to the doc, and ask if you can do that.

Good luck!
so, the doctor said we cannot do anything really until i can be seen again which may be until the end of June.  

we did talk about my results: my PSA is 0.57 which is good and my ultrasounds of my prostate, bladder, and scrotum all look good. Only thing he said was found was a bit of calcium deposits in my prostate glad. Im a tad scared from that thought but i know i shouldn't be. he still seems to believe i have chronic prostatitis and it can come back and attack me at some point...

Again, this all happened a day after sex with a new girl, which made me believe this was all just bacterial... I have a hard to believing i got chronic prostatitis from sex 1 day later.
You wouldn't have symptoms the next day if it was bacterial. Everything has incubation periods, and it just wouldn't happen that fast. The timing could just be coincidental.

Calcium deposits can happen in the prostate for a lot of reasons -


Your PSA is good, so I wouldn't be too worried about the calcium.

Calcium deposits can sometimes cause prostatitis - https://www.healthline.com/health/chronic-prostatitis

I hope you continue to feel well.
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