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Phimosis( fore skin of penis can't be pulled back) problem

i'm 23 years old man.
I have a problem of Phimosis( fore skin of penis can't be pulled back). I have once consulted with a doctor. he suggested about surgery.
Now my question is:
How long is the surgery?
How long do i have to stay in hospital?
How is surgery done?

Please give me some suggestions.
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There is no problem in masturbation and there is no any difficulty while urination.
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you have a few options.the first would be stretching your foreskin using topical steroids such as clobetasol or betamethasone and stretching exercises/devices like a glansie or gfs stretcher.this will grow your foreskin big enough to expose the glans.as far as surgery goes you can have a z-plasty which is a z shaped cut that will losen but not remove the foreskin.another would be a dorsal slit which cuts the top of the foreskin in half and leaves it hanging behind your glans.and the last would be circumcision which removes some or all of your foreskin and some,all or none of your frenulum.all surgeries will take less than an hour and you shouldn't need to stay in the hospital for more than a few hours.
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Thank you. Sir.

Can you please tell me the estimated cost for the surgery.
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in American dollars the cost of the dorsal slit or z-plasty would be about $200.00.a full circumcision can very between $500-$1200.00.

the cost of a glansie or gfs stretcher is about $100.00 and 2 tubes of clobetasol or betamethasone would be about $30.00

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Thank you sir for your valuable suggestions
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