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Pituitary Tumor, non secreting micro adenoma

My husband has recently had serious health issues with memory, sweating, weakness, lack of libido, sexual dysfunction, headache and general exhaustion even after a full night of good sleep.  His docs say that since the tumor is not a "secreting " tumor, that there is nothing that they can do except give him Testosterone shots every two weeks. Once a year they do an MRI, but he feels sick all the time. Should we ask for them to take the tumor out? Thanks!
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    I would suggest you to take a second opinion from a neurologist. Normally  micro adenoma of the pituitary is not harmful for men, unless they keep increasing in size. Before doing T replacement, consult an endocrinologist and do a complete hormone evaluation, especially, Testosterone, estrogen, thyroid hormones and prolactin. Your doctor may ask for more testing. Decide on the course of treatment only after a compete diagnosis. By the way, what is your husband's age?

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He is a very young 59-looks about 39. Otherwise very healthy.
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Thank you. Susie1
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