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Popping fordyce spots on the penis and fluid?

Okay, so I've had fordyce spots all my life and havent really been bothered by them. Yesterday I tried to pop one. I can usually get a little bit of white junk from them, but this one wouldn't really pop. I finally got it to kinda pop and some clear fluid came out. I've never paid much attention and this might be totally normal, but I haven't found any info online about clear fluid and irritated fordyce spots. Can anyone shed some light? I am worried that it might not have been a fordyce spot.
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I forgot to mention that the fordyce spots are on my penis not lips
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Fordyce spots are oil glands, and they are totally normal and necessary. You don't need to or should want to pop them. You should leave them alone. I think I've mentioned this to you before, right? ;)

You asked about clear fluid back in Sept. If it's a bump, it's not herpes. If it has fluid, it's not a wart.

Have you gone to the doctor? You really should. A doctor can tell you for sure that what you are seeing is normal, and maybe a doctor can get you to leave them alone, and you can talk to your doctor about your anxiety. As I said before, you deserve to find peace with this. :)

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Awesome auntie jess for the save lol. Yes you have. I've seen a doctor about the fordyce spots and got then diagnosed a couple years ago. The bumps are the same, so I'm confident that's what they are. I am also seeing a professional for counseling. Shes working with me for my anxiety. She agreed low risk and thinks that the best thing to do is stay off the internet unless it's to read your previous replies to instil a sense of relief. I myself was trying to find any connection to even further move away from the "std" view point. I was certain that it was a fordyce spot but dr google had nothing but one post from dr hook saying that it's normal for fordyce spots to sometimes secrete clear fluid when popped.  Which is what made me anxious. As always I'm extremely thankful for your time and care. I promise you its helped me, even if it doesn't seem like it.
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I'll also add there wasnt any pain or anything. It also wasnt anything I recently noticed. As far as I know it's one that has been there for so long. And since I've been so closely watching my genitals I'm fairly certain. I'm a picker, when I feel an imperfection or bump on my skin I pick and it and scratch it until the skin is smooth. And im naturally an anxious person anything I dont completely understand drives me crazy.  Hence why not finding much info on popped fordyce and fluid brought me here. My counselor thinks I might have OCD.
I am not a therapist, let me make that clear. Is there some alternative you can do instead of picking your body? Tear paper? Get a soft brush (like a makeup brush, but maybe something more manly if that matters to you lol) and rub that for awhile? Or maybe you need harder bristles? Whatever works.

I found this - https://www.bfrb.org/learn-about-bfrbs/treatment/self-help/127-rs-list-of-strategies-for-skin-picking-49-im-using-42-i-could-try It looks like it's for face picking, but you can maybe adapt it? A family member has sensory issues, and loves to pick and pull and tear things apart. Giving him alternatives helped a lot.

I definitely get the need to understand, but if Dr. Hook says it, trust it. I would absolutely trust him with my body. He's one of the few that can satisfy my need to know with just a simple sentence. (He actually wrote a textbook.)

Maybe find other activities than "so closely watching your genitals"? I don't know where you live - and absolutely don't need to know, nor should you post there here - but are sports happening where you live? Reading? Gaming? I know it's a weird time, and things are all restricted, giving you lots of time for Penis Checking, but there are other things that can occupy your time.

I am really glad you are working with your counselor. :)

Thanks for the information! I'm definitely going to look into that link. You are such a compassionate person. The world needs more people like you!
Aww thanks. I hope it helps. :)
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