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Possible Prostatitis

Hoping I can get some opinions on anyone that is going or has gone through something similar. I am 33 years of age and in May 2018 I was diagnosed with a simple UTI; pain when starting to urine and positive for nitrites and wbc's on dipstick, and a clear discharge some mornings; no more testing done. I was given a shot of Rocephin 250mg, prescribed Ciprofloxacin for 7 days; however, symptoms did not improve within 3 days and Doxycycline 100mg a day for 10 days. Symptoms improved, but did not fully disappear. After completing antibiotics a couple of days passed and I started with current symptoms. Dull testicular ache (Ultrasound performed and revealed no issues aside from small inguinal hernias). Chlamydia and Gonorrhea negative, urinalysis with scant amounts of bacteria and wbc's, full blood work normal, and PSA level at 4.1.

My symptoms are as follows:
Constant tingling feeling inside the urethra
Feeling of urethral fullness, dribbling after urination (on occasions I have to sit down to urinate since it feels the bladder empties more effectively).
The need to urinate is accompanied by a burning sensation although I am able to urinate normally except I have hesitancy since I believe it will burn but it doesn't
Pain with erection and mild burning with ejaculation and urethral meatus reddening (subsides within 5-10 minutes
Sticky clear discharge during erection and some mornings (I believe it is precum; however, this had never happened to me before)
Semen has changed from the pearly, white color to yellow and now has gelatinous clumps and rarely I will see small brown dots; there is no foul odor whatsoever. The force of ejaculation has decreased as well.
Persistent lower back and upper, inner thigh pain (feels like sore muscles on the thighs except I do not perform any type of exercise)

I have been consulting with an urologist and will consult a second one since I believe I am not getting any answers. In addition to the above testing I did have a semen and urine culture (both negative). However, the symptoms have persisted for over 3 months now. I will possible have a prostate ultrasound and cystoscopy this week. Does anybody have any input or has experienced something similar? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Last sexual contact was early February with a long time partner and protection was used.
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