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Possible Urinary tract infection?

Hello, I'm Garrison, 18 years old and over the past month i've developed something unwanted in my groin region.  First laying in bed one night (december 9th) i felt a lump beside my right testicle not on the "ball sack" but on the groin area beside it.  I thought it to be a hernia becauce i had just finished my senior football season and had been hitting the weights hard and running two miles everyday to get my 6 pack back and get some muscle back.  I went to my family doctor and it turned out to be a swollen lymph node and I was terrified when he mentioned testicular cancer.  I was very relieved two days later to know my blood work had came back normal.  Upon my doctor's request I schedueled a follow up appointment on dec 22nd.  After finding the lymph node I didn't work out, run, or masturbate.  After going to the doctor I  noticed my right testicle had swollen up one night and ached but returned to normal the following morning.  The ache lasted about about 4-5 days though.  For about 2 days after the slight pain subsided I had small amounts of urine when i used the restroom that was usually dark yellow and accompanied by a slight burning sensation.  When i returned to my doctor i told about the slight urination problems and he checked my lymph node which was now very very small and almost untraceable.  He said I was fine and whatever had gotten in there must have worked its way out. I left feeling very good.  The next day I went to the mall to do some last second christmas shopping but from about 7 to when i went to sleep around 12 30 I had a constant ache/pain on the right side of my lower back (kidney area).  The next day it went away so I didn't really pay much attention to it.  Today (dec 27) I masturbated for the first time since finding the lymph node.  After masturbation I found the ache had returned to my right testicle and it was swollen for about 4 hours and has now subsided but a slight hardly noticeable ache lingers.  I don't particularly like going to the doctor so I'm trying to find a way around going again in this short period of time.  Any comments, advice, or thoughts about my dilema would be greatly apprectiated.  Thank you very much for your time and I wish a Happy New Year to all.  Thanks!
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Its me agian.  I just wanted to add that I'm a very religous person and know that God has a plan already laid out for all of us.  I just wanted to ask for your prayers for this to be nothing serious especially cancer.  That word scares me to death and I can't hardly bare to think I could possilby have it.  Thanks again, Garrison
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Went to the doc again.  Its not a uti and he diagnosed me with a testicular infection but couldn't explain the back pain i've been experiencing.  Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated. God Bless, Garrison
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