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Possible epididymitis with negative gono and chlamydia

Hello, in Jan 8th this year I had protected sex with high risk female in a massage parlor. In January 25th I began to have symptoms of constant pain in both testicles and the next day I could barely stay seated. (although my left testicle has always been tender to the touch for about 3 years now). In January 29th I took gonorrhea, chlamydia, his, syphilis, hep b and c test and all came negative. It is now March 2 and I still have discomfort. I'm going to the doctor this Friday but I would like to know what yall think
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Epididymitis can be caused by other things than STDs. You could have a urinary tract infection, structural problems, a prostate infection/inflammation, or have TB.

When you had the encounter, did you have unprotected oral? That can cause an infection called NGU, which is non-gonoccocal urethritis, meaning any infection in the urethra that isn't gonorrhea. It can be caused by normal mouth bacteria, different viruses usually causing upper respiratory infections, even the bacteria that causes strep throat. Did they do any other testing on your urine?

If you didn't have unprotected oral, you can't have gonorrhea, chlamydia or NGU from this encounter.

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Oh and the rest - HIV, the heps, syphilis, herpes, etc. - wouldn't cause these symptoms.
Thanks for replying! No other unprotected sexual contact. Just protected penetration. I've been reading about mycoplasma and thricomonoasis what about those?
If the head of your penis was covered by a condom, you can't get those.

The only things you could get while wearing a condom are herpes type 2, syphilis and HPV, and those wouldn't cause your symptoms. Condoms also offer significant protection against those.

Can you find out, as auntiejessi asked, if you were tested for a UTI or if they did any other testing on your urine?
Thank you so much. No uti test as I did those straight through quest diagnostic. But I will go to a doctor this friday
Make sure your doc does urine testing for a UTI and looks for white blood cells in your urine. I'd also ask about a prostate infection, too. Is this a urologist or a regular doc? If it's a regular doc, ask about a referral to a urologist.
Urine Analysis was good. Going to an urologist at the end of the month
I'm glad you are going to see a urologist.

You also posted this in another question, which I'm going to add here, and delete your other question so we can keep all your questions in one place.

"I posted earlier in March about my encounter with a high risk std female. I used condom and it slipped a bit but my gland was fully covered. 3 weeks I tested and everything came back negative. What can I expect for the second one? Meaning the same or do I still have a high chance of popping positive for syphilis gono chlamydia hiv herpes 1 and 2 her b and c? This time I'm taking a trich test too. I'm also going to a urologist at the end of the month because I believe I have epididymitis. Thanks "

The head of your penis was covered, so you had no risk for anything except syphilis, HPV and herpes type 2. Those wouldn't cause your symptoms.

If you had an infection, you would likely have white blood cells in your urine, which would show on the urine analysis.

At this point, you need to see what the urologist says. I expect they will do more urine testing, some imaging - an ultrasound, maybe, a cystoscopy - it depends on what the doctor thinks. It could be epididymitis from something else, something functional, prostatitis, etc.

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