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Post Radiation Bleeding

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My boyfriend, age 67 had prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 10. His Urologist removed his prostate along with two lymph nodes which were benign. He began a series of 43 radiation treatments as a precaution a couple of months following surgery. About a year ago he h... [More] ad a myocardial infraction from blockage of two arteries, one the descending anterior and the other leading directly into his heart. The first stint was inserted immediately and six weeks later the next. He has been on Plavix, 325 mil of aspirin, Lipitor, and many other cardio meds. About two months ago he began urinating red blood from his penis and the doctor flushed with saline, then cauterized the bladder after being off the Plavix and aspirin for 10 days. About 1 1/2 weeks later he began bleeding again, 10 days of hospitalization and cauterization again. He resumed the Plavix and aspirin last Saturday and began bleeding again. The Urologist advised no Plavix or aspirin for present. He went five days without bleeding and this morning started bleeding again and a large clot.
Not only is this situation stressful to his heart but to his quality of life. Probes, catheters,
cauterization, doctors not agreeing ( the cardiologist and urologist) and just the emotional strain of everything. Are there any options or suggestions to stop his bleeding and help him from not having another heartattack? [Less]
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