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Post bowel movement pain!

Two months ago I had extreme pain (razor blades) while having a bm (blood on tissue & in stool).  I went to the doctor, was told it was a hemorrhoid and gave me suppositories.  This helped little but after an increase in water intake and more fiber in my diet this went away.  Currently 2 months later I began to have mild pain while having a bowel movement.  However after the bm there is severe pain inside.  It's constant for about 30 minutes.  I can sit on my couch and it relieves it, but not completely and will remain with me virtually all day (decreasing in pain) and will certainly return if I have another bm.  Currently no blood in stool or on tissue.
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I suggest taking a product called Konsyl Original It's a very good fiber buy it in any drug store.
I suggest you see a Colon & Rectal  MD maybe you should have a  Colonoscopy
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Stress. I have a similar problem. Take something called "Strest". Yes, it's spelled right. It's a liquid. Also, look into Natural Factors "Stress-Relax - Serenity Formula" . It helps with adrenal exhaustion. Most people don't know about this, and your symptoms indicate such. You can find both in any natural health food store. These items will bring stress, chronic stress and anxiety right now. Most people don't realize they have a problem with stress.
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