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Preputioplasty around Connecticut or New York


I am 29 years old living in Connecticut. I have phimosis as long as I can remember. Fortunately not as severe as I have been reading online from other people. I have the hourglass effect when erect, I can still retract it, but it is hard to keep an erection that way without having to focus a lot during sex.

I have tried multiple methods and multiple doctors, all them one word, circumcision.

I managed to at least find one doctor that did prescribe me a betamethasone cream. None of them even acknowledge that preputioplasty even exists.

I have been stretching that past month again full on. Glansie does not stretch far enough for my condition, I am already past the max it can stretch, so that was a worthless buy. So I am using the phimocure rings. I put the 3rd largest ring they offer, I do feel a slight discomfort in the first 10 second wearing it, then all good, leave it for like an hour on, before I start feeling that it bothers me, then I remove it per the instructions. So betamethasone cream plus stretching does not seem to do anything to me.

But preputioplasty seems to be impossible to find a doctor to perform. Are there any doctors that perform it around Connecticut or New York, or even Boston?

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