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Problems getting or maintaining erection

Hello, I am 18 years old. I've been masturbating for 4 years, mostly without any kind of sexual material, except fantasy. I could get erection and pre-ejaculate just by having sexual fantasies. My first sexual encounter was about 5 months ago. I could not get erect at all, and I was really nervous, my body was shaking. I suffer from social phobia. About 3 months ago, I started losing my usual need for masturbation, and my sex drive, libido is pretty low now. I don't fantasise about sex anymore, and when I do, it doesn't make me erect. I just found a girlfriend, and this is a problem for us. When we make out, I can get erect, but not always. When we get naked, I lose my erection most of the time, and it's hard to get it back, sometimes impossible. I also lose it when she touches my penis or asks me for vaginal sex. I also lose erection when I get distracted by anything.
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You have a girlfriend, so put that in the plus column.  Now, you can work on relaxing, gaining a solid erection, and ejaculating.  Both of you should understand that this may take some time but don't worry about the end result--just enjoy the process along the way.  Forget about intercourse for now.  Put on some relaxing, romantic music at low volume.  Sit in a comfortable chair or couch.  Your girlfriend should sit on a stool between your legs and slowly stroke your penis with one hand and massage your testicles with her other hand.  You may or may not get an erection, but she should continue this for up to a half-hour.  If you do get an erection, then she should continue until you ejaculate, if possible.  In either case, this exercise should be done at least three times per week until you feel relaxed enough that you are not distracted by her touching your penis.      
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This is performance anxiety related erectile dysfunction. Take intercourse off the menu. Don't challenge yourself just for now. Let your girlfriend lead the way but see that her needs are being met.
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You will be able to get an erection when you stop worrying about getting an erection. Yardbull and AndrewRynneMD are both bang on.
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